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Hands typing on a laptopWe have a lot of new readers lately, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to dive in to the content you’re looking for. It can be overwhelming to read so much content (we have seven years of posts!), let alone find exactly what you’re looking for, so we decided to create a “cheat sheet” of some of our favorite posts about building a brand, rocking social media, developing your style and using your voice.

So pull up a chair, make yourself a cup of coffee, tea or a green juice, and dive right in. We’re so happy you’re here.

How to Build My Brand

What is a Brand?

How to Create a Kickass Brand

Do You Have a Disconnected Brand?

The Basics of Good Branding

The Seven Keys to an Awesome Brand

How to Growth Hack Your Brand in Five Easy Steps

The Five Biggest Myths About Branding

The First Steps to Building a Powerful Brand

Take Control of Your Brand or Someone Else Will

21 Tips to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget


How to Rock Social Media

Five Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media

The Three Most Important Things to Measure on Social Media

Eight Ways to Improve Your Web Presence

How to Be a Virtual Success

Are You Too Busy to Get Social?

If You Build It, Will They Come?

What the F*#@ Do I Say on Twitter?

10 Things NOT to Do on Social Media


How to Develop My Personal Style

How to Become a Woman with Great Style

Go Ahead, Underestimate Us

Five Things Paris Has Taught Me

Do You Have Style?

10 Style Essentials Every Women Should Have

45 Things I Know For Sure

Office Design Inspiration From 10 Stylish Global Tastemakers

Stylish Office Spaces that Will Inspire You to Work From Home

Energize Your Brand With a Closet Overhaul


How to Be More Confident & Use My Voice

If You Don’t Have a Seat at the Table, You’re on the Menu

In Praise of Difficult Women

Say Yes to Life

This is How Women will Save our Democracy

You Say You Want a Revolution

Are You Waiting for Permission?

No One Gets a Free Ride on the Confidence Bus

Communicate with Ease & Overcome Self-Consciousness

Live While You’re Alive

Take Your Foot Off the Brake

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