How to Build a Lighthouse Brand Identity

How to Build a Lighthouse Brand Identity
When you lack a clear brand identity, your target customers can’t latch on to who you are and what you stand for. A strong brand identity repels your detractors and magnetizes your ideal clients. It builds awareness and recognition and over time, establishes trust and authentic connection. It’s the most important work you will do for your brand. Let’s look at the foundational pieces for building a solid brand identity. Read More

5 Unconditional Brand Rules for 2024

5 Unconditional Brand Rules for 2024
It’s 2024 and there’s never been a better time in history to build your personal brand. There have never been more opportunities to bypass gatekeepers and go directly to the consumer – your clients! As you work on building your brand, I’d like to share five unconditional brand rules to follow to get you closer to your goals. Read More

The Taylor Swift Guide to
Building a Powerful Brand

The Taylor Swift Guide to <br>Building a Powerful Brand
In the span of her two-decade career, she has captured the hearts and minds of millions. She is a masterclass in how to capture attention, create raving fans and build steadfast loyalty. Taylor’s personal evolution, her ability to create compelling narratives, establish an emotional bond with her massive following and bring them along on her journey offer valuable insight into creating a compelling and much-loved brand. Here are five things you can do to build a beloved brand just like TSwift. Read More

Media Kit 101: What to Include in Your
Media Kit for Maximum Impact

Media Kit 101: What to Include in Your <br>Media Kit for Maximum Impact
Want to know what’s in a media kit? This blog post is for you! You’ll learn all of the media kit essentials required for making a great first impression — and getting featured in the media. Read More

Why Media is Important for Women
Who Want More Influence

Why Media is Important for Women <br>Who Want More Influence
So, you’ve done the hard work of breathing life into your business, and now you’re ready to share it with the world. The only question is — How?! How do you get your name out there? How do you stand out? How do you earn the world’s trust? The answer, my friend, is by tapping into the power of the media. Learn why media is important for establishing credibility, amplifying your brand, and women’s empowerment as a whole. Read More