The Taylor Swift Guide to
Building a Powerful Brand

The Taylor Swift Guide to <br>Building a Powerful Brand
In the span of her two-decade career, she has captured the hearts and minds of millions. She is a masterclass in how to capture attention, create raving fans and build steadfast loyalty. Taylor’s personal evolution, her ability to create compelling narratives, establish an emotional bond with her massive following and bring them along on her journey offer valuable insight into creating a compelling and much-loved brand. Here are five things you can do to build a beloved brand just like TSwift. Read More

Building Your Brand:
What’s Love Got to Do With It

Building Your Brand: <br>What’s Love Got to Do With It
I’m sharing a very important Valentine’s Day-themed secret with you: the key to creating a compelling brand is to find your people and love them hard. Showing up. A personal touch. Delighting your customers. Helping and giving without expectation of return. This is how love builds your brand. Here are five steps to breathing some love and life into your brand’s pulse. Read More

I Am the Storm

I Am the Storm
I’ve weathered many storms over the last few years: divorce, illness, single parenting through a pandemic, narcissistic abuse, the death of a family member and more, but nothing could have prepared me for the dizzying tsunami – and profound personal awakening – that the past month delivered. Read More

Your Brand Will Expand
in Proportion to Your Courage

Your Brand Will Expand <br>in Proportion to Your Courage
Courage isn’t often referenced when it comes to creating a powerful brand, but I believe it’s one of the most important elements, if not the very foundation of your brand story. Without courage and a willingness to take risks – to put yourself out there and really be seen – it’s difficult to practice the other components of building your brand. Read More