What Brands Need to Know
about Marketing to Women

What Brands Need to Know about Marketing to WomenThere’s never been a more influential time to be a woman, and the world is watching. The 2018 election was an excellent example, as more women were elected to Congress than ever before.

Case in point: the vast popularity of “The Squad:” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, four diverse women elected to the House of Representatives who speak their minds, command daily press coverage and have millions of followers. Social media has erupted, and more women are finding confidence in using their voice because of these strong examples who are living their truth and their mission every single day.

Women make up 51% of the population, and over 85% of purchasing decisions, yet many brands continue to underestimate the amount of power and influence that women hold when it comes to the world of commerce. What worked in terms of marketing to women and brand awareness 25 years ago has run stale. Advertising the same way it’s always been done simply won’t work anymore.

Instead, effectively marketing to women requires a brand to take a deeper look at who their customer truly is, and tailor the message to fit her needs. It requires conversation, connection and caring.

That’s right, you actually have to give a damn about her and find ways to communicate effectively. Whether she’s the one swiping that credit card herself, or influencing the decision behind the scenes – the way to her heart is vastly different; and it’s worth paying attention.

While we’re starting to see more brands engaging with women through conversation and inclusivity, there are still a few industries that are resistant to change. These companies continue to speak at women instead of inviting them to join the conversation. They often use a “megaphone” approach when it comes to their messaging and marketing, and aren’t looking for feedback or connection.

Companies who fail to recognize just how important women are when it comes to making purchasing decisions are missing out on unbelievable opportunities to take their brands to the next level by making a connection, building community and developing loyal, lifelong fans.

Women tend to gravitate toward mission-driven brands – companies that share their deeper purpose and reason for their existence. Understanding the value behind a brand’s why, as well as effectively communicating their mission with their customers help companies connect and create community. They aren’t just focused on a one-time shopping opportunity.

Simon Sinek describes it best in his bestseller, Start With Why. When you share your deeper why in a meaningful and engaging way, you will attract people that share the same values, thoughts and feelings. The simple truth is if brands don’t start to better understand how to connect more effectively with women – through conversation, inclusiveness, empathy and relatability – they’re going to get left behind. This is what marketing to women should look like in 2020.

With campaigns like #MeToo, and the Women’s March, women are stepping up and stepping out to make their voices heard. This trend is only going to continue. As we transition into 2020, the next decade will be monumental for women. Not only are women taking a seat at the table, but we’re building our own tables. Tables that are inclusive. Tables that are compassionate. Tables that want to make a difference, and we won’t settle for anything less. Brands can sit with us, but they better think about what it is they’ll bring to our table before they do.