Shebrand: Building Compelling Brands For Women

We believe in the
influence of women.

We are a creative brand consultancy founded in 2009
with a focus on building compelling brands for women
and the companies that care about them.

Through brand positioning, message and mission articulation, creative direction, content development and media and influencer campaigns, we help both individuals and consumer lifestyle brands tell their stories and effectively reach, connect with and engage their ideal clients. Women drive 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions and control $7 trillion in U.S. spending through her buying power and her influence. SHE matters.

Approaching strategy, creative and implementation through a female lens, we create compelling digital brands that make a powerful emotional connection, build steadfast loyalty and stand out in today’s womxn-driven economy.

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In Style & Substance, you’ll learn how to build a strong, distinctive brand that’s immediately recognizable, just like Chanel, DryBar, Michelle Obama or Beyoncé. You’ll clarify how you want to be perceived, how to build that exact perception in people’s minds, and how to attract your dream clients. A strong brand starts with a strong sense of who you are, what you stand for and what you most want to be know for. From your logo to your legacy, this guide and workbook will take you through the exact process of creating a compelling brand. If you’re a consultant, coach, author, artist, maker or any other kind of entrepreneur, Style & Substance is a must-read and a must-do!


Liz has impressed me over and over again. She delivers Grade A strategy, insight and execution. I wish I had her on retainer for the next 10 years of growing my business!

—Amy Swift Crosby

The results were immediate. I had a revised website up in a matter of weeks and have started working with many new clients. I have a renewed clarity around my messaging and how I am positioning myself in the marketplace. I’m even starting to understand the benefits of social media! Working with Liz is an investment that keeps paying.

—Alexa Fischer

Liz helped me develop my brand identity, crystallize my message, create a social media strategy and build my flagship website. Liz is one of the smartest, creative women I know, and I’m constantly impressed by the work she’s doing for thousands of women entrepreneurs and lifestyle companies around the globe.

—Garcelle Beauvais

Liz is my go-to for all info on branding, marketing and PR. She is strategic, insightful and a literal Rolodex of useful resources. Her taste and coveted opinion are truly impeccable.

—Kelly Rutherford

Caryn Gillen

Working with Liz brought my brand to a completely different, more powerful level. I have more clarity around my brand - which leads to stronger, more effective messaging all the way around. I'm better positioned to attract media attention and have booked multiple television and podcast interviews since our work together. Liz has worked with some of the most famous people in the world, but when she is with you on your business she's all in - and you can feel it.

—Caryn Gillen

Liz understands the importance of a powerful personal brand better than anyone and is incredibly effective at helping her clients discover and develop theirs. It’s like she has x-ray vision and can see straight through to the core of her client’s brilliance. That brilliance becomes the magical thread that is woven through every aspect of your personal brand when you work with Liz.

—Laurie Graham

With her talent for crafting words, Liz helped me to develop taglines and brand statements, and showed me how to integrate them into my marketing collateral and website. Liz has a very sophisticated understanding of fashion, style and design, and is extremely knowledgeable about that world. I felt that has been integral to her helping me create a strong brand for my company.

—Seyie Putsure, Seyie Design

In just a short time, Liz was able to cut to the heart of what I do, what kind of coaching I’m passionate about, and how that connects with the work I do with organizations and groups. Halfway through our session she suggested a tagline that will most likely be very close to what I use on my website.

—Anna Graham Hunter

I decided to work with Liz because she really “gets” what women like me need when creating brands for our businesses. She helped bring clarity to my brand message and helped me update the look and feel of my website so it accurately reflects where I am today.

—Jane Inch

Liz’s marketing savvy and dynamism is only surpassed by her desire to truly help women achieve their professional goals. She is a powerful and utterly unique combination of brand strategist, marketing consultant and coach.

—LeeAundra Keany

Working with Liz has taken my business to the next level! Together we created a compelling brand message that is 100% me. I love, love, love my logo, my tag line, and my consistent key messages! I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur looking to build a powerful personal brand, develop an effective marketing strategy and attract more clients.

—Jennifer Barley

It’s pretty much a guarantee that a session with Liz will set your world on fire – in a really good way! I always walk away motivated, inspired and full of new ideas to take my brand to the next level. She miraculously manages to listen empathically while lasering in on the root of the issue that’s got you stuck.

—Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess

We were referred to Liz as one of the best in the biz for crafting brand identities and launching media and influencer campaigns, so when it was time to clarify our message, create a brand book and execute an effective social media campaign, we turned to SheBrand. Because we are a social good company, working with Liz was a no-brainer; she absolutely walks her talk and is deeply rooted in making a difference for women and other marginalized communities.

—Nicole áBeckett, Founder & CEO, SameSide