Supercharge Your Brand by Crafting
a Clear and Compelling Offer

Brand strategist and Marketing coach Liz Dennery Sanders discusses how to supercharge your brand by crafting a clear and compelling offer - image of Liz working on her laptop with her workbook Style & Substance nearby

Things just aren’t adding up…

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and you feel like you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do.

You’ve got your website up and running. And it’s gorgeous!

You’ve started reaching out to your email list.

And you’re posting super cute graphics all over social media.

But NO ONE is converting… all you hear are crickets.

So what gives?!

Unfortunately, your offer may be falling flat. But don’t worry — we can fix that!

What’s an offer in the first place?

Your offer is arguably the most important piece of your brand’s marketing puzzle. It’s that very special thing you’re providing to meet your audience’s needs.

Whether it’s a product or service, it’s essential that your offer is overtly clear. You may have the world’s most impressive logo and visual assets, but without a clear offer, your website visitors will feel like they’re floating through space.

You never want someone to leave your website wondering, “what in the world do they do?” They need something compelling to keep them around.

So let’s unpack what it takes to keep them reading all the way to the bottom of the page.

Crafting compelling offers means learning about your target audience first.

This is where so many businesses get it wrong. It’s common to see brands outlining every last detail of their offering on their websites instead of conveying how it solves their audience’s problem. Rather than boring your audience to death with unending blocks of text they don’t care about, spend more time showing them how much better their lives will be because of your offer. When it comes down to it, this is what they’re really after.

People have an inherent need to feel seen. And they need their problems to be heard. When your brand can validate your audience’s experience, they’re going to be much more compelled to stick around and see what you’ve got to offer.

When your offer solves a problem for your people, that’s when they’re driven to take action. So it’s important to dig in and really get to know what makes these lovely humans tick.

Effective ways to research your target audience

It’s time to get a little nerdy. You may already have a lot of assumptions about your ideal customers, but it’s best to conduct actual market research to understand who they are outside of your own perspective. When you do this, you’re able to meet your buyer where they actually are.

Here are 4 simple ways to gather information about your ideal customers:

  1. Purchase market reports — Compiled and provided by research agencies, these reports provide incredible industry insights.
  2. Conduct an interview — Spend some 1:1 time with someone in your target market. Use their answers to build robust ideal client avatars, and then use those avatars to inform all of your marketing decisions.
  3. Peruse Reddit — 52 million daily active Reddit users are grouped by searchable niche topics. This platform is a powerful tool for gaining understanding on like-minded groups on any given subject.
  4. Send out a survey — This can be done through your email list, or you could simply run a poll or post a question on your social media platforms. You’ll be surprised at what you find out! You never really know until you ask.

Having trouble pinpointing exactly what your audience struggles with?

We’re all human, and whether we like to admit it or not, all our struggles are relatively similar. Pain points are common problems for a group of people. And when you peel back the layers, the root of those pain points can be boiled down to a few common categories.

There are four primary categories of pain points:

  • Productivity Pain Points — Life is busy. People want to know how they can free up time in their schedule. If your offering can give them back a few more minutes in their day in some way, make sure you highlight that.
  • Financial Pain Points — When you spend more than you earn, it hurts. The fix? Cutting costs or increasing income. Offerings that save you money can be incredibly enticing.
  • Process Pain Points — Have you ever finished a task and realized there were way too many steps to achieve it? This type of paint point happens anytime you’re thinking, “There’s gotta be a better way!”
  • Support Pain Points — No one wants to feel unsupported during a sales process. Prompt customer support is the answer here. If your offering includes genuine support, your audience will love you for it.

Position your offering as THE solution.

You can always adjust your product or service along the way, but it’s impossible to change your customer’s problem — so always start here! When you’ve identified your target market’s core problem, you can tailor your solution to completely meet their needs.

When sharing your offer with your audience, touch on their pain points and highlight exactly how your offering solves them. Don’t assume they’ll know. Be as straightforward as possible. Lead your readers to a clear call to action, framing your offering as the no-brainer solution at the end of the page.

Strong brands employ ethical marketing.

Marketing is powerful. Make sure you’re using it for good by implementing ethical marketing practices. Your offer should add legitimate value to your audience’s life. There are enough empty promises out there.

And here’s the thing… when your offer is made specifically to respond to your audience’s pain points, there’s no need to use manipulative marketing to appeal to the masses.

Clear offers communicate integrity, and integrity is the root of the world’s strongest brands.

Supercharge Your Brand by Crafting a Clear and Compelling Offer - branding advisor Liz Dennery Sanders sitting at her office desk near a mug that reads nasty women get shit done


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