My Favorite Summer Sandal – Under $100!

Every summer I find myself searching for the perfect sandal. I’m a huge fan of the Hermès Oran sandal. However, it’s definitely pricey (but beautiful craftsmanship and longevity to match), and I like to look for more budget-friendly options. This summer, I think I found the perfect pair – under $100! Read More

My Summer Getaway Essentials

I have always loved summer – longer days, breezy dresses, flat sandals, lots of beach time and the smell of salty air – it just makes me happy. And who doesn’t love summer Fridays? Things tend to slow down a little bit and you don’t need an excuse to kick back and enjoy life. Here are my favorite pieces that I’ll be taking with me – over and over again – on every summer getaway! Read More

Five Things Paris Has Taught Me

I’ve learned a lot from the French over the years – particularly from spending time in Paris. The Parisians are an interesting bunch: strong, stylish, and seemingly indifferent. Read More

Paris is Always a Good Idea

If you read my last blog post, then you know I recently celebrated my birthday with friends in Paris after a week-long retreat in Scotland. And as always, Paris did not disappoint. Read More

Insider’s Guide to Paris

I’ve been traveling to Paris since I was seventeen. There’s just something about this city that keeps pulling me back. Perhaps it’s the food, architecture, art, shopping or history. Maybe it’s the grand boulevards and winding side streets that lead to hidden courtyards and tiny bistros. Perhaps it’s the Parisians themselves, with that certain je Read More