How to Become a Woman with Great Style

Liz DenneryWhen we say, “She’s got such great style,” what we really mean is:

“She’s confident and comfortable in her own skin.”
“She’s not trying to copy anyone else.”
“She’s unapologetically herself, and expresses and adorns herself accordingly.”

Style is not one-size-fits-all. It’s different for every woman. Ultimately, style is knowing who you are – and expressing it with confidence.

Style is Grace Kelly’s Hermès scarf tied around her head or her handbag, and the elegant, sophisticated way she carried herself into every room.

It’s Anna Wintour’s dark sunglasses and signature chin-length bob, conveying a “Let’s get right down to business” boss-lady attitude.

It’s Beyoncé’s feminist lyrics and her stunning, semi-nude pregnancy photos, which defy the stereotypical notions of how a “good mother” should look and behave.

It’s Diane Von Furstenberg’s cool confidence, fierce support of women, and yes, her famous wrap dress – designed for women with places to be, and people to see, and who want to look chic and pulled-together in minutes.

It’s Jennifer Lopez’s midriff-baring tops, tropical, colorful prints and sky-high strappy stilettos – signifying that flirtation, boldness and sexuality do not have to expire after age 45.

Style is what we notice about someone and ultimately come to expect from them. It’s an outward expression of who they are.

Style is self-knowledge and acceptance, and then knowing what to do with it. How you express yourself – from your personal and business interactions and how you treat others, to how you decorate your surroundings, and yes, how you dress – all contribute to your personal sense of style and how it is perceived.

Liz DennerySo, who are you? What image do you want to project into the world? How do you want to be perceived by your clients, your customers, by strangers on the street? And if you don’t have a well-defined personal style yet – how can you create one?

First, notice what captivates your attention. What lights you up inside? What piques your curiosity?

Life is filled with great style inspiration – art, books, design, food, travel, fashion – and gives you the opportunity to put your own personal twist on things. How you pull together your favorite elements, spin them together and make them your own defines your personal sense of style.

Ask yourself questions like:

What makes me feel confident when I put it on?

What feels inspiring and exciting?

What calls out to me in art, fashion, design, food, travel?

When it comes to my brand, what’s the image that I want to project?

By answering these types of questions, you can begin to develop your personal sense of style – identifying your signature colors, textures, icons, shapes, silhouettes and other aesthetic elements.

Then comes the really fun part – infusing your style into everything you do, from the clothes you wear, to the décor in your home and office, to the images you select for your website, to the gifts you send to your clients (and the packaging, too), to your company logo, and every other place where people interact with you and your brand.

Diane Von Furstenberg once said that style is, “an effortless confidence in being yourself.” I couldn’t agree more.

Standing tall, using your voice, expressing yourself in everything you do (and wear), using your skills to create a positive impact in people’s lives, and embracing what makes you different rather than simply following the crowd…that’s true style.

When you’ve got that kind of confidence, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a $30 dress from a thrift store or a $4,000 couture gown – people will be drawn to you, inspired by you, and eager to engage with you.

When you take the time to cultivate great personal style and express it consistently, you won’t get lost in the shuffle, you’ll make a memorable and lasting impression.

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