How to Create a Badass Brand in 2018

How to Create a Badass Brand in 2018Perhaps you spent some time in December writing out intentions, themes and goals for the year ahead, as many entrepreneurs do. And maybe this included certain things you want to accomplish, like making more money, working with more clients or building a bigger platform and reaching a wider audience.

But unless you have powerful clarity around your brand – who you are, what you stand for, why you do what you do and more – it will be challenging to build a compelling platform, attract more clients and communicate with your audience in a compelling way.

Because at the end of the day, people only stick around when there’s an emotional connection. With all of the noise and clutter both online and off, you have to give people a good reason to give you their time. And the best way to do this is to make them feel something.

In his best-selling book, Start With Why, author Simon Sinek shares that people don’t care what you do, they want to know why you do it. Why is what you do important to you and why should we care? Because at the end of the day, the people you work with (95% of the time) will share your why – it will be a common thread that draws you together.

In other words, your brand will be more successful and more resonant with your target audience when it effectively communicates what you believe and why you do what you do. Most likely, your audience will share these same values and beliefs.

As my New Year’s gift to you, I created the Ultimate Brand Clarity Worksheet that you can download (yes, it’s absolutely free! It’s a gift for you, love) right here.

ultimate-brand-clarity-worksheetTake 30 minutes this week to sit down and answer all 15 questions – set a timer and do it without stopping. Don’t overanalyze or edit as you go, just write down the first thing that comes to mind.

Then put it away for 24 hours and revisit. Is there anything you would add? Perhaps something that doesn’t make sense at second glance? Take some time now to tweak and finesse until you feel excited about what you’ve written.

When you feel those butterflies in your stomach or goosebumps on your body when you read your final version, you’ll know that you’re ready to move forward with creating (and living) your powerful brand.

Happy 2018! You’re going to rock it, sister.

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