Five Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

Liz Dennery SandersPerhaps you made a few of the social media blunders that I described in my previous post. Or maybe – gulp – all of them. But all is not lost. All of these mistakes can be turned around very quickly. With a few adjustments, you can create a very successful social media presence for your brand.

There are so many brands that use social media beautifully. You can study some of these brands and get tons of inspiration. A few of our favorites include: Red Bull, Go Pro, Chrissy Tiegen, Paris in Four Months and JetBlue.

Red Bull was one of the first brands to understand the power of original content in connecting with their audience. With 45 million fans on Facebook and five million on Instagram, they constantly share content on extreme sports, music, racing, and, oh yes, energy drinks. They have seamlessly incorporated their products into their story – and their tribe eats (drinks!) it up.

Lesson: Create original content that not only tells a story, but shares great info that your followers care about.

GoPro, a manufacturer of action cameras, makes is easy for anyone to submit photos and videos capturing their GoPro cameras in action – putting their customers at the center of their social content. With more than 10 million Facebook likes and nine million Instagram followers, they’re at the top of the user-generated content game.

Lesson: Invite your followers to participate. Encourage them to share their own content using your product or service, enter a contest and/or use your custom hashtags.

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Chrissy Tiegen, model, TV host, cookbook author and wife of musician, John Legend, has built an impressive social media following with humor, sarcasm and a revealing and often self-deprecating, authentic voice. Her 10 million Instagram and 4.6 million Twitter followers appreciate her straight-shooter persona and a peek behind the curtain at life with her husband and their six-month-old daughter. Chrissy recently used her platform to share her struggle with postpartum depression.

Lesson: Give your fans a peek behind the curtain of your life and don’t be afraid to be real. Also, timely humor will get you major bonus points!

Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Paris in Four Months – photographer Carin Olsson moved from Sweden to Paris to follow her dream of becoming a fashion photographer in the City of Lights, and the rest, as they say, is history. She now has a million followers on Instagram and consistently drives traffic to her blog through her elegantly curated profile of gorgeous photography and jet set Insta stories.

Lesson: Beautiful imagery never hurts, nor does a fabulous location like Paris or a jet set lifestyle.

JetBlue has long set the gold standard for customer service on social media. While most airlines receive a lot of (well-deserved) grief from customers – particularly on Twitter – the JetBlue social media team is known for responding to mentions within minutes – often with a little humor thrown in for good measure – and going the extra mile for clients whenever possible.

Lesson: Your social media platforms are an extension of your customer service department. Make sure you’re monitoring them frequently and responding to questions and requests.

One or two tweaks. Big impact.

What’s one small social media tweak you could make today that would have a big impact? Upload a new profile photo. Say “hi” if you’ve taken a lengthy sabbatical. Take some great photos on your next trip. Share something uplifting and entertaining instead of promoting your newest product – again. And don’t forget, a little humor goes a long way.

These little adjustments make a huge difference. Your followers will notice, and they’ll love you for it.

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