How Big is Your Brave?
Let’s Slay the Final Quarter of 2020.

How Big is Your Brave? Let’s Slay the Final Quarter of 2020. Apply now for our Step Into the Spotlight program.On October 16, 2017, actress and activist, Alyssa Milano, encouraged women to share their stories of sexual harassment publicly on Twitter. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment cases and the first ever Women’s March after the election of Donald Trump, the #MeToo movement was born.

The outpouring of stories that followed on Twitter and beyond – inspired by activist Tarana Burke’s coining of the phrase “Me Too” in 2006 – ignited a global conversation around gender and power.

Women’s voices became too loud to dismiss.

And we’re only getting started.

How Big is Your Brave? Let’s Slay the Final Quarter of 2020. Apply now for our Step Into the Spotlight program.I believe that worthiness and creating a powerful, compelling brand are inextricably linked. Historically, women have not been encouraged to use their voices and speak out on important issues or the things we care about most.

We have been swimming in a patriarchal soup for a long time and too many women find it challenging to own their worthiness (instead of hustling for it), claim their power and use their voice.

For many of us, growing up in a society where elders, media and the culture at large expect us to act, speak and look a certain way leaves an energetic stamp on how we operate in the world. Many of the messages we receive imply that we should play small, not speak up, look pretty, “smile more,” and be perfect in every way possible.


Now more than ever, we must see the necessity of women’s voices, the importance of women’s stories and support the rise of women’s influence.

Learn more about Step Into the Spotlight and how you can work with me.

For a woman to truly claim her sovereignty, she must clear out the dusty old patriarchal cobwebs of limiting beliefs, stop playing small, harness her courage and be willing to take massive action – even if she’s afraid. Then when she builds a solid brand foundation with strategy and focus, that’s when the magic happens.

When you take a stand for your brand – and for yourself – you truly step into your power.

How Big is Your Brave? Let’s Slay the Final Quarter of 2020. Apply now for our Step Into the Spotlight program.

If you are ready to do “the werk and the woo” and create a more compelling brand, then I would love to work with you over the next 12 weeks and slay the final quarter of 2020, sauntering into 2021 with a crown on your head and an invincible attitude.

If you want to feel more confident, be recognized for your work and stand out, attract ideal clients and make more money, then this is for you.

In Step Into the Spotlight, we’re going to focus on three main areas that are absolutely crucial to creating a compelling brand: Clarity, Consistency and Courage.

Here’s what we’re going to accomplish together:

CLARITY: Refine and polish your message and your mission, define your brand attributes and your value, zero in on your ideal clients, optimize your digital platform, set your intentions and step into your greater vision.

CONSISTENCY: Identify and upgrade your brand touchpoints, create a communication plan and engagement strategy that fits you like a glove, commit to a dynamic and intimate group of women that hold each other accountable on a weekly basis.

COURAGE: Kick imposter syndrome to the curb, identify your limiting beliefs and create new empowering ones, focus on and embody a growth mindset and be willing to take massive action to achieve the results you say you want. I’m talking high priestess, warrior-style, my friend.

If you would like to work closely with me (and an intimate group of kickass women!) for the next three months, read more about the Step Into the Spotlight program here.

How Big is Your Brave? Let’s Slay the Final Quarter of 2020. Apply now for our Step Into the Spotlight program.

Spots are extremely limited, so if you’re interested – or even just a little bit curious – then apply now.

Step Into the Spotlight includes:

  • Three focus and strategy group meetings each month (first, second and third Tuesdays of the month) where we’ll discuss a specific assignment to build your confidence, your brand and your platform, and then set goals for each week
  • Office Hours with Liz: call in each month to get your most pressing questions answered
  • A SheBrand Audit 1:1 session with Liz to assess your digital presence (website and social media channels) with suggestions for improvement and optimization media channels) with suggestions for improvement and optimization
  • One LIVE Special Guest monthly group call focusing on creating a more compelling brand, pitching the media and getting press, productivity, mindset and more
  • Private Facebook Group – daily connection and ongoing support
  • Special surprises and gifts directly to your inbox and mailbox that support our work together

Please don’t wait on this one. If you’d like to work with me, give 2020 the finger and put that crown on your head, sauntering into 2021 like the badass you are, then let’s do this.

If you want a whole new level of confidence and clarity and you want to create more impact, influence and income, then all I can say is, “what are you waiting for?!”

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Let’s get loud.

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