Get in the Habit of Shining and
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Get in the Habit of Shining and Be the Lighthouse in 2021 - visibility

Visibility in your business and brand is a powerful intention and it’s never too late to set it. We often make resolutions and set goals on January 1st to create the lives we want to live based on the habits we adopt. But you can decide today to get yourself in the habit of shining, you just have to get strategic and commit.

January 1 isn’t a magical marker where your resolutions have to start. It’s a jumping off point and you take that leap at any time. You can establish Day One whenever you want, because it’s your brand and you get to chart your own course.

Visibility that is effective needs clarity and commitment to the brand you want to build. You have to decide on the message that is going to be the heartbeat of everything you do. Why are you in business? What is your mission? Who do you want to help?

These are the questions you need to ask in order to create a clear message that will resonate with your target audience.

Having a communications touchpoint – or command message as it’s referred to in the media world – lets you evaluate opportunities to share and leverage them strategically because you know what idea you need to focus on every time you speak.

Consider your big idea to be a prism that lets you amplify your shine; everything goes through one central idea and expands outwards. Picking the through-line in advance helps you stay on message on every platform, every day.

Once you know what you need to say when you show up for your people, you need to keep showing up. You don’t want to be a firework, you want to be a beacon, a dependable light guiding the way to your brand message. Life can get in the way sometimes, and while self-compassion is important, problem solving your way around barriers that are keeping you playing small is going to create the consistency you crave.

Liz practicing visibilityLiz interviews Academy Award-winning actress, Patricia Arquette, about her most recent roles and her non-profit, Give Love.

Remember, action > perfection.

Getting to the root of the challenges you’re facing in predictably showing up comes when you get really honest about what is holding you back. Are you comparing yourself to others and asking yourself, “who am I to do that?” Do you have limiting beliefs around your experience and capabilities? Imposter Syndrome – anxiety or self-doubt that results from undervaluing one’s competence – can be insidious, affecting a whopping 70% of women.

You might have to dig deep and excavate to move those blocks. It’s all about asking the right questions and taking the time to pause, reflect and course correct.

Do you need a hand, a tool or a plan? Barriers to consistency block the light you want to shine and you need to create a strategy to move past it. When you have the support you need, the right tools, and a plan to execute your always on-brand message, you can enjoy visibility that helps you reach your goals.

The glow of confidence that comes from knowing what to say and when and where you’re going to say it is going to attract people to you like moths to a flame. When you have the right people around you, that’s when the best connections, conversions and communities start to form. It’s an exciting adventure, you just have to take the first step.

Being intentional about visibility is a journey you can start at any time. You don’t have to wait for resolution season to come back around, the best year of your life can start right now. You’re not too late, you’re right on schedule – and you were meant to shine!


If you’d like to refine your message, develop an effective communications plan or create offerings that resonate with your audience, then book a Brand Breakthrough Consultation today. If you want to get media-ready and step into the spotlight, The Publicity Package may be the right fit for you.

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