Build a Better Brand in 2020

BUILD A BETTER BRAND IN 2020In today’s overcrowded and noisy marketplace filled with 24/7 newsfeeds, emails, messages and social channels, it takes a lot more than a pretty logo or a Facebook ad to get someone’s attention.

Too many brands put the cart before the horse – they start marketing to everyone – before they get clarity on who they are, what they stand for, why they’re in business, and most importantly, before they have a clear vision for their brand and their ideal client.

It’s hard to charter unknown territory without a compass.

We’re here to help.

In the last few years, SheBrand has created a few resources to help you gain the clarity, focus and direction you need to launch your brand or take it to the next level. And they’re yours at no charge.

The first is the Life Vision Workbook. It contains three specific exercises – one on personal clarity, another on how you want to feel and a third on the future you – that will not only put your dreams and desires into concrete terms, it will create an intentional vacuum to pull you forward into your most ideal life.

We have always believed in and lived by the following equation:


Taking the time to get clear, setting intentions, knowing exactly how you want to feel – and taking daily inspired actions to get you there will change your life – in a really good way!


The second resource is the One Page Brand Plan. It contains the 10 most important questions you need to ask yourself to get clear about who you are, why you do the work you do, who you serve, what they’re struggling with and the value of what you offer (In other words, why you – and your products and services – are the solution to their problem.) It will also help you define exactly how you want your ideal clients to feel when they engage with your brand.


The third and final resource we have for you is Build a Better Brand in 7 Days, a seven day email course on creating a more compelling brand. If you want to stand out and generate buzz and you’re ready for more clients, sales and media opportunities, then you don’t want to miss this step-by-step course – and it’s yours, absolutely free!


Start the new year off on the right foot and do the brand foundation work necessary first, to ultimately create a more powerful, compelling brand. Our gift to you.

Happy New Year!


  1. Ashish Sanyal says

    Thank you for your very generous offer to download 3 papers. Each one is very interesting. I look forward to studying them.

    Happy New Year from India to each one in your Team.

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