Work with Me in 2019
and Step into the Spotlight

Work with Me in 2019 and Step into the SpotlightI’m tired of seeing women hiding.

I’m tired of seeing women playing small – especially when I know they’re capable of so much more.

I’m tired of seeing women not being offered a seat at the table.

As my girl, Beyoncé, once said, “Power isn’t given to you, you have to take it.”

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Many of the women I’ve worked with were putting the cart before the horse. They were chasing every bright, shiny marketing object, trying to be everything to everyone and completely burning themselves out.

Not exactly a recipe for success.

Work with Me in 2019 and Step into the SpotlightThe most important thing you can do to create a compelling brand is the brand foundation work. Which means: zero in on exactly who you are, the value of what you offer, who you serve and why we should care. Once you have brand clarity, then (and only then) are you ready to tweak your messaging, create more enticing offers and visual branding, develop your social strategy, and step into the spotlight to get featured in the media.

If the New York Times (or Entrepreneur or Oprah Magazine) called you tomorrow morning and wanted to interview you for a story they were working on, would you be ready to talk about your brand and your business?

Is your story compelling? Is your visual branding consistent and powerful?

Do you have a media kit at the ready? Talking points? Command message?

If you’re ready to create a more compelling brand and optimize your online presence, you can apply now for a spot in my 2019 program, Step into the Spotlight.

If you’re ready to get more visibility, more press, and yes, more clients and sales, then this is for you.

I’ll be working with a small group of women (a maximum of eight) for six months to refine and polish their message, their offerings, their visual branding, their content and their online space. Together we’ll create a Brand Handbook and a digital media kit so you’re ready for the spotlight.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could create a more compelling brand and get press coverage and more visibility, but I can’t afford a PR firm,” then this program is for you.

Step into the Spotlight includes:

*1:1 consulting sessions with me to discuss your action steps for the month

*Group sessions with specific action steps and accountability check-ins to position yourself as an influencer and authority in your industry

*Office Hours – call in each month to get the support you need

*The creation of a Brand Handbook and a digital media kit so you’re ready when journalists come knocking on your door

*Tips and templates for pitching the media so you’ll feel confident and know exactly what to say

*A hand-picked list of target media outlets with all of the relevant contact information for you to pitch, custom-created exclusively for you

*An in-person media training workshop in Los Angeles where you’ll learn how to present yourself and work with the media – directly from the people who actually work with the media.

*Bonus training sessions with guest experts in copywriting, productivity, publicity, public speaking and more

So, what are you waiting for?

Work with Me in 2019 and Step into the Spotlight

Apply now before these limited spots are gone for good. This will likely be the only small group program I run in 2019.

If you want a whole new level of brand awareness and visibility in 2019 and the tools to propel you forward, this program is not to be missed.

Learn more about the program.

Apply now to be considered for a spot.

Let’s build your big, beautiful brand and get you seen. Your people need what you have to offer.

No. More. Hiding.

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