How Healthy is Your Brand? Take the 50-point Brand Health Assessment

Many people ask me, “What exactly is a brand and how do you know if it’s doing its job?” The answer is simple to state, slightly more complex to execute. Your brand is the perception that you create in other people’s minds, and it’s only as effective at creating a powerful perception as it is healthy. That’s why I created the 50-point Brand Health Checklist for you to assess the health and performance of your brand. Read More

What’s Your Brand Personality?

Every beloved brand that you’ve heard of has a distinct personality. Whether it’s an individual, a product or a service, the most successful brands identify the traits and qualities they want to be known for and exude them in everything they do. Read More

The Future of Your Brand: Build Direct Relationships

I can tell a lot from your brand by looking at your Twitter stream or Facebook page. If your feed is nothing but announcements or promotions, and no one is retweeting or sharing the content, then you are headed toward extinction if you don’t reevaluate and adapt your strategy. Just a few years ago, if Read More

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Years ago, the Bell System telephone company ran a brilliant and memorable ad campaign with the jingle, “Reach out. Reach out and touch someone. Reach out. Call up and just say ‘hi’.” The song was memorable because it was about the way phones can connect people, even those separated by vast distances. The commercials exuded Read More

Are You a Real Influencer?

If you have 1000 friends on Facebook, does that mean you have that many friends in your daily life? Probably not. “Friends” is the social networking site’s savvy way of designating someone you may be aware of, even if you’re only faintly acquainted with that person. The word “friends” is much more pleasant and inclusive Read More