What’s Your Brand Personality?

Every beloved brand that you’ve heard of has a distinct personality. Whether it’s an individual, a product or a service, the most successful brands identify the traits and qualities they want to be known for and exude them in everything they do.

Your brand personality is your energy; it’s your vibe. It’s the feelings your customers have when they engage with you and often continue to experience after they walk away. It’s often referred to as your brand tone or brand voice.

For example, at SheBrand, we want to be known for creating an army of confident, badass women who step into their power to build their brands and their bank accounts. We want more women with a seat at the table, making an impact and doing their great work in the world.

In our Brand Handbook, our brand personality/voice is described in this way:

SheBrand’s brand personality is warm, intelligent, stylish, yet accessible and feminist AF. We are your biggest cheerleader – like an older sister or best friend who wants to see you thrive. We are NOT stuffy, preachy or condescending, but we are a little bit badass!

While your brand personality can be conveyed in words, it’s often the brands that express their voice through multiple means, such as images, video, social media platforms and experiences, that nail their disposition.

A great example of this is DryBar. They have exploded from one location to 90 locations in less than ten years and have a raving fan base filled with loyal, repeat customers. They state that they’re “making the world a happier place, one blowout at a time,” and their “happy” personality is reflected in everything they do, from their sunny yellow color palette, to their product names, to their Instagram feed featuring cute, entertaining photos (who doesn’t love dogs wearing bright yellow shower caps!), and more.

The women’s clothing brand, Free People, shares beautiful images on their Instagram account (@freepeople) of women dressed in their clothing, traveling the world, hanging out near the beach and living a life of wanderlust and adventure. Their social media presence isn’t just about the clothes they’re selling, it’s about the lifestyle that their client embodies – and how they want their clients to feel when they experience the Free People brand.

You can bet that the women who follow them feel more free, adventurous and feminine whenever they engage with the brand – whether it’s on their website, their IG feed or in one of their stores.

Your brand personality is one of the keys to making a strong emotional connection with your target audience and building a strong relationship with them. Your personality can be shared through everything you do for your business – your website copy, imagery, packaging, customer service, blog posts, emails and everything you share on social media.

You can take the first steps to identify and create your brand personality by asking yourself the following three questions:

  1. How do you want people to feel when they engage with you/your brand?
  2. What are three words that best describe how you want to be known?
  3. If someone were to visit your website (or store) or use your product or service, how would you want them to describe their experience?



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