You’re Registered to Vote or Voted Early
(YAY You!) Now What?

You’re Registered to Vote or Voted Early (YAY You!) Now What?It’s no understatement to say that in three weeks, we will hold the most consequential election of our lifetime. So many things are at stake: sane, empathic leadership, access to quality healthcare, our Supreme Court, equality and civil rights – not to mention the fate of our planet and a pandemic that has already taken more than 210,000 American lives.

If you’re already registered, bravo. But that’s not enough, my friend. Now let’s take action.

Here are five things you can do right now.

If you’re already registered and are planning to vote in person, here are two resources that will help you find voting locations near you. Most states offer early in-person voting, so make sure you check your state regulations:

If you’re planning to vote by mail, please make sure you do so no later than next Tuesday October 20, 2020, as most experts are recommending a 14-day runway due to voter suppression and recent interference with post office operations. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, dozens of states have modified their rules for mail-in voting. Here are a few great resources with information for each state:

Be a voter. Save America this election.

This is also much more than just a Presidential election. In order to enact real change, winning the White House is not enough. We must “flip the Senate,” turning just four seats from red to blue. 23 Republican-held seats and 12 Democratic-held seats are on the ballot to determine control of the senate. Thanks to a groundswell of grassroots Democratic support and vulnerable Republican incumbents, Senate seats in these states could be flipped: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Idaho, Montana, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.

To learn more about flipping the Senate and what’s at stake in your state, check out these resources:

VOLUNTEER (Because this year, voting isn’t enough)
Swing Left makes it easy to connect with volunteer opportunities near you to flip the Senate, beat Trump and turn the legislatures blue. During the last three weeks of the election, don’t just vote, volunteer!

Or check out volunteer opportunities for election events in your area through a resource like You’ll find everything from voter registration drives to election efforts by local officials and organizations.

A woman's place is in the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office. Volunteer this election.

Election workers are essential to ensuring that elections are secure and successful. Because of the pandemic, the older, 60+ community that normally serves as our poll workers is at risk and there will be fewer people participating. We need at least one million poll workers on Election Day, so if you are young, healthy and able to give some of your time, please consider volunteering.

I understand that we’re all getting bombarded with donation solicitations right now – we are only 21 days out. How do you know where your dollars will have the most impact? Our friends over at Vote Save America have done the work for you, organizing and creating specific fundraising to stop gerrymandering, win Battleground States, get rid of Mitch McConnell and give to candidates in key races across the country.

Don't fuck this up. Donate to save America this election.

This election is not just about whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be the next president. It is about how we will be governed and lead over the next four years and what we stand for as a country. It is about how we will address an economic recession, COVID-19, healthcare, immigration, race and ethnic inequality, climate change and more. It will reveal our integrity, our compassion, our inclusiveness and whether we are truly the home of the brave and the land of the free.

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