Style & Substance: In Conversation with
Kelly Rutherford and Liz Dennery Sanders

Liz and Kelly RutherfordYou may know her as Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, or Megan Lewis from Melrose Place, but to me, Kelly Rutherford is a dear friend, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and yes, a widely admired and adored actress.

One of the things that always stood out to me about Kelly is her love for and support of other women and girls – a passion we share. We met more than a decade ago when we were both involved with Step Up, an organization that helps girls in under-resourced communities fulfill their potential through after school programming to become confident, college-bound and career ready. A fierce advocate for human rights and the well-being of women and girls globally, Kelly has also been involved with Girls Inc., Global Fund for Women and UN Women for Peace.

When Kelly found out that I had written a book to help women connect to their voices, step into their power and be more successful, in true best friend fashion, she offered to do a sit-down interview with me so that we could get this information to as many people as possible.

Kelly has a big platform and wants to use it for good.

We sat in my living room, Oprah-style, and dished on branding, feminism, the power of intention, and much, much more.

Listen in on our entire interview right here.

In this video interview you will learn:

  • The biggest mistake women make when it comes to building their brand
  • What you must do before you put together a marketing strategy
  • How power plays out in both a masculine and feminine way
  • Why clarity and intention are the keys to creating a more compelling brand
  • The powerful Brand Filter exercise you need to do to get more clarity
  • What a Brand Handbook is and why you need one
  • Why anger and passion can be good for your brand
  • Why women have a powerful advantage when it comes to building a brand


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Take a look behind the scenes!

A few behind-the-scenes pics from the Style & Substance interview with Kelly and Liz.

Liz and Kelly Rutherford
Liz and Kelly Rutherford
Liz and Kelly Rutherford
Liz and Kelly Rutherford
Liz and Kelly Rutherford
Liz and Kelly Rutherford
Liz and Kelly Rutherford
Liz and Kelly Rutherford

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