Conversations on Brand & Worthiness

IG LIVE SERIES: Conversations on Brand & WorthinessI believe that brand and worthiness are inextricably linked. In order to create a truly compelling brand, a woman must unapologetically embrace her intrinsic value, step into her sovereignty and use her voice – even when it shakes.

Historically, women have not been encouraged to speak out on issues they care about. Growing up in a society where elders, media and the culture at large expect us to act, speak and look a certain way leaves an energetic stamp on how we operate in the world. Many of the messages we receive imply that we should stay small, look pretty, be accommodating and “smile more.”

Please join me on Instagram Live over the next two weeks for a series of intimate conversations with some truly fabulous women. We’re going to talk about how your own perceived level of worthiness affects your brand (and your bank account!), how to stand out, connect and engage in our noisy digital world, how to exercise your courage muscle and so much more!

You won’t want to miss these incredible conversations:

Kelly Rutherford - Conversations on Brand & WorthinessKelly Rutherford
Wednesday September 23, 2020

With a career spanning more than three decades, actress Kelly Rutherford is best known for her roles in Melrose Place, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. But she is also a mother, activist and artist, and someone who deeply believes in authenticity and leading from the heart.


Lu Parker - Conversations on Brand & WorthinessLu Parker
Thursday September 24, 2020
4:30PM PT

Lu Parker is an Emmy and Genesis award-winning journalist, inspirational speaker, news anchor for KTLA-5 News, former Miss USA, animal advocate and founder of Be Kind & Co., a lifestyle media brand embracing and redefining kindness.


Jessica AboJessica Abo
Friday September 25, 2020
11:30AM PT

Jessica Abo is an award-winning journalist, speaker, consultant and author. Her best-selling book, How to Be as Happy as You Look on Social Media, sold out on its first day of publication. Her videos on empowerment, leadership development and productivity appear weekly on Entrepreneur.com.


Susan HyattSusan Hyatt
Monday September 28, 2020
10:30AM PT

Susan Hyatt is a Master Life & Business Coach, author, entrepreneur podcaster and TEDx speaker. Her #1 passion is helping women get more of exactly what they crave – more confidence, more money, more clients, more opportunities or simply more time to relax.


Suzanne LernerSuzanne Lerner
Thursday October 1, 2020
1:30PM PT

Suzanne Lerner, Co-founder and President of lifestyle and clothing brand Michael Stars, is an activist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Her focus is on creating economic empowerment for women and girls and supporting organizations that promote gender and racial equality – giving back to communities both domestically and internationally through personal grants, impact investments, and the Michael Stars Foundation.


Danielle LaPorteDanielle LaPorte
Friday October 2, 2020
10:30AM PT

Danielle LaPorte is equal parts poet, entrepreneurial badass and professional encourager. She is the creator of the Desire Map series and author of White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path and The Fire Starter Sessions: A Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms. Danielle is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and her website gets over five million visitors each month and has been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.”


Dr. Sasha HeinzDr. Sasha Heinz
Monday October 5, 2020

Dr. Sasha Heinz is a Mindset Coach and Positive Psych Maven and one of the first 33 people in history to receive a master’s degree in Positive Psychology. Sasha helps perfectionists, approval seekers and achievement junkies feel as good as their lives look.


Stephanie VaughtStephanie Vaught
Wednesday October 7, 2020

Financial Coach and Money Management Expert, Stephanie Vaught, J.D. founded Social Money Finance, LLC in 2018, a personal finance company that specializes in helping Gen X women make empowered financial decisions through the principles of effective money management. She has made it her mission help Gen X women gain greater confidence in their financial decisions, own their power, and build a life they love.



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