Three Ways to Create a More
Compelling Brand

Three Ways to Create a More Compelling BrandOne of the most common questions I get from blog readers, clients, and social media followers is, “How can I create a better brand and attract more clients?”

It’s a big question, because there are so many nuances to consider. I could write an entire book on this topic. (Oh wait, I did!)

But as a starting point, here are three things you should definitely be doing:

1. Be yourself… and let people peek behind the curtain.

So, you’re obsessed with pop music from Japan? You love your pit bull rescue doggie more than life itself? You start every morning with a triple-shot latte in one hand and a green juice in the other? You’ve seen the musical Hamilton five times? You proudly support organizations like She Should Run? You volunteer at WriteGirl? Whatever makes you “you,” show it and share it.

Choose 3-4 personal qualities that are so very “you” and incorporate these into your brand. These qualities can be infused into your social media feed, your website, your newsletter, your stationery, your business cards, your office decor, everywhere! Any place where clients interact with your brand, let your personality pop.

A few brands to watch for inspiration: Marie Forleo unapologetically incorporates hip-hop swagger and occasional profanity into her weekly videos. Glossier, a beauty brand aimed at Millennials, uses Instagram to share beauty tips—and also, occasionally, photos of baby goats. Theresa Reed, a tarot card reader who’s consistently booked up weeks (or even months) in advance, is obsessed with her cats. They make frequent appearances in her social media feed. And self-professed #spiritjunkie, Gabby Bernstein enjoys cooking so much that she shares many of her recipes and cooking demonstrations on her Instagram stories. She has jokingly referred to it as, “Gabby’s Cooking Show.” Take a cue from these female-run brands and let your personality shine. This is one of your main differentiators.

2. Pay close attention to what your clients want.

Do you know exactly what your clients want? Do you understand their biggest frustrations, their dreams, their hopes for the future? What would “wow” them? What would feel like a “miracle” for them? These are the questions that every entrepreneur must explore. When you really get to know your current (and potential) clients and what they need, you can build a brand that’s compelling, valuable, exactly what they’ve been yearning to find.

Former model Catherine McCord found herself at a loss for easy, nutritious recipes when she became a first-time mother. She kept having conversations with fellow moms who were struggling with the same thing, and her blog Weelicious was born. Catherine posts quick, nutritious recipes to her blog and daily images of her kids’ lunch trays to her Instagram account. She knows exactly what her target market (busy moms) wants and she delivers it daily.

3. Give more… with no strings attached.

Most brands have only one intention: to sell their product or service. This puts you at a huge advantage if you spend some time giving more than you take. How often do you show your clients that you care? When was the last time you offered help with no expectation of anything in return? Or when’s the last time you released a great piece of content and gave it away for free? Being generous and showing how much you care puts you ahead of the pack. It also delights your audience – another huge differentiator that sets you apart from the masses.

Derek Halpern built several successful websites in the entertainment and fashion worlds, and found a perfect blend of data driven marketing and content marketing to get traffic, attract customers and sell products. With this knowledge, he built Social Triggers, an online resource for executives and entrepreneurs who want to build thriving businesses. Each week, Derek offers tactics and strategies via blog posts, podcasts and even a web TV show—all for free. You can be sure that his 100K+ readers (and customers) think he’s pretty awesome.

If you’re determined to build a stronger, more resonant brand—one that people talk about and share with others—then you can start with one (or even all three) of these steps to connect, engage and crank up your awesomeness.

PS. To go even deeper, curl up with my new book, Style & Substance. It’s full of guidance, worksheets, and client case studies to help you create a compelling brand. Enjoy!


  1. These are all excellent examples of brands that are KILLIN’ it with regard to reaching out to their ideal clients and generously giving great content to boot. I am happy to see my forever on my butt biz mentor Theresa Reed named among them. 🙂

  2. Very insightful and informative tips on brand building.. good read!

  3. Good that you’ve shared this information. Exploring this page made me realize several things, especially the second way to create a compelling brand. Thank you.

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