How to Use Brand Touchpoints to Create a More Compelling Brand

Every time someone engages with your brand in some way – through your website, your store, social media channels, products, services, meeting you in person – it is an opportunity to make a connection and forge a deeper bond.

All of the tangible elements of a brand – logo, business card, marketing materials, the way you dress, the way you speak, how your office is designed – work together to create the intangible: the perception that consumers have about you.

These are called your Brand Touchpoints.

Every single Brand Touchpoint gives you a chance to consistently and effectively communicate your brand message and mission.

For example, when you walk into an Apple store, the sleek space is set up with all of the newest gadgets inviting you to touch and play. Apple promises innovation for the creative set.

When you receive a package from Glossier, you notice that the interior of the white box is their very own brand color – pink – and their products are encased in bubble wrap zipped pouches of the same color. They also include fun stickers they know will be loved by their target audience.

When you create more frequency and interaction for your brand with consumers, you set the stage for an emotional connection. Your Brand Touchpoints are the intentional process of building a likeable, compelling brand in the minds and hearts of your ideal clients.

Every Brand Touchpoint should reaffirm your brand promise and help to cement the consumer’s perception of your brand.

These Touchpoints also:

  • open the door to more conversation
  • invite the consumer in to participate (as in the case of Apple, above)
  • add value to their lives in some way
  • inspire, empower, educate or entertain them
  • remind people of who you are and what you stand for

Two great questions you can ask yourself are, “How do I want to be perceived?” and “How can I create a more sensory experience for my community?” In other words, what visual, verbal and intellectual experiences will help you better connect with fans, followers, and clients, and create your intended perception in their minds?

To create a more compelling brand, you must decide how you want to be perceived, and then infuse those attributes into everything you do.



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