10 Instagram Accounts We Love

As a social media marketing and creative agency, we’re always looking for how to get the best organic response and engagement for our clients on their social platforms. And one of our favorite platforms, by far, is Instagram. Most people are highly visual, and respond well to great images and video. But it takes a proficient storyteller to truly connect and engage with their fans and followers. These are a few of our favorite accounts to follow on Instagram right now. The connecting thread they have in common – that makes them highly effective on the platform – includes: great imagery, a real understanding of their audience (and hence the ability to connect with them), inspiring and/or entertaining storytelling, and consistent posting.

Check out the brands and people we’re following on Instagram now:

Liz Dennery
INSTAGRAM: @shebrandliz
TWITTER: @shebrandliz

Carin Olsson is a lifestyle photographer who moved from Sweden to Paris, and originally planned to only stay for a few months. Well, as they say, the rest is history. She ended up staying and takes some of the most gorgeous shots of the City of Lights – my favorite city. Her Instagram stories are equally as tantalizing – beautiful imagery and videos – yet she’s very down to earth and shares tidbits from her everyday life in Paris. Which, of course, is pretty glamorous. She also shares her work and collaborations with brands like Dior, Cartier, Veuve Clicquot and Chanel. It’s total eye – and soul – candy for a Paris lover like me.

Free People is a women’s fashion brand based in Los Angeles. They do a terrific job of creating a lifestyle-feel to their Instagram feed. You rarely feel like they’re trying to sell you – instead, they have created the Free People woman – boho, beachy, feminine and romantic – and clips from her life. They have also created a movement (@fpmovement) around beauty and wellness that features health, beauty and wellness tips, and, you guessed it, their athletic collection. They are a great example of a female-friendly company that has created an entire lifestyle around their brand, seamlessly weaving their products into their images and stories.

INSTAGRAM: @shelleycarling
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/shelleycarling

Becki Owens is a Southern California Interior Designer with a lifestyle blog showing beautiful design and great deals on gorgeous items for the home. Her Instagram account shows simple, clean and elegant styles that are stunning. From kitchen makeovers to exterior overhauls (painted brick!) I always find myself drooling a bit and wondering when I’m going to stop saying ‘No, THIS one’s my dream home.’

I mean, who doesn’t love some Anthropologie? Their Instagram highlights not only their clothes and housewares that mix patterns and textures gorgeously, but it also showcases beautiful travel destinations that inspire the wanderlust inside of me. And of course it’s got me thinking “I NEED that outfit to go to Santorini!” Spot on, Anthro – you’re killing it. Booking my ticket stat.

Elizabeth Sommerschield
INSTAGRAM: @lizziejeanne24
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/elizabethhardigsommerschield

Vani Hari has made it her mission to spread awareness about harmful ingredients in processed foods. Her Instagram posts call out majors food brands on their toxic and artificial ingredients and because of this, she is responsible for big changes in the food industry. Her dedication has led to Starbucks phasing out caramel color and posting their ingredients online, General Mills removing GMO’s in Cheerios and Subway removing the harmful chemical, azodicarbonamide, from their bread (a chemical used in the production of yoga mats and the soles of shoes). What I enjoy most is she doesn’t only focus on the problems in the industry. She often posts about alternative, health-conscious brands that are doing it right. Her DIY recipes are not to be missed either! I personally love making her homemade granola.

Kelly Wearstler is a California based interior designer that built a name for herself in the mid 90’s, all starting with the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills. Since then, she has become one of the most well known American designers —releasing four books and her own line of furniture and home accessories. Following her on Instagram is one of my guilty pleasures. Her photos often display artistic design in unexpected items such as candy bar wrappers or sea shells, and always accompanied by a clever caption. While every Instagram post keeps with the Kelly Wearstler brand, she also reminds her following of the love she has for her family, showing off her two beautiful boys. With a new home to decorate, I have been keeping my eye on her Channels Wallpaper.

Gabrielle Nickas
INSTAGRAM: @instagabber
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/gabrielle.nickas

Also known as Gal Meets Glam, is a lifestyle and fashion blogger. She is also a top earner on affiliate sites. Her Instagram is social media gold, from the grid aesthetic, to the use of affiliate links in her Insta stories (most noted for her “daily looks”), and the cohesive branding throughout the many facets of the platform, GMG is the quintessential “every girl.” If you’re yearning for that “pursue pretty” vibe that also holds a very strategic, savvy use of social media, she is 100% IG inspo!

A lifestyle blogger, who epitomizes “accessible fashion” (so much so that it’s in her Instagram bio). There’s nothing more equally challenging and rewarding as a marketer than coming up with easy and relatable captions and photography. AND Lindsay does it! Whether you’re a mom or just a chic woman of the world, her everyday fashion will make you purchase A LOT of clothes and keep you inspired to write tag lines (I speak from 100% experience). She is actually #relatable.

Michelle Sanchez
INSTAGRAM: @baremadestudio and @the_michellesanchez
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/baremadestudio

Dana Falsetti is a yoga teacher and vocal advocate for self empowerment. She’s most popular on Instagram for her body positivity message that any body can practice yoga. Her Instagram is filled with yoga poses, beautiful photo shoots of Dana fully embracing her body type and her travel adventures as she teaches workshops across the country. Her Insta stories are especially great. She shares her thoughts on self-love, social issues and yoga workshops.

Melissa Hartwig is the creator and founder of the Whole30. A diet challenge that has practically changed the lives of so many people. She’s also the author of the book Food Freedom. She shares her workouts, recipes and creating a life that doesn’t revolve around a “diet”. Her Insta stories are a breath of fresh air, where she shares her workouts, answers questions and her routine. I appreciate her honestly and her loyalty to her Whole30 followers.

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