You Should Know Her: Cara Alwill Leyba

Cara Alwill Leyba is the author of Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur, named one of the top 9 inspiring books every female entrepreneur should read. She is also a Master Life Coach, host of the “Style Your Mind” podcast, and creator of the Champagne Diet blog. Read More

You Should Know Her: Dawn McCoy

Dawn McCoy spreads sunshine today as a host, writer, humanitarian, social media influencer, beauty and lifestyle expert, public speaker, actor, and singer/songwriter. You could say she stays busy. But as one of the most respected foodies in Los Angeles, at least she doesn’t stay hungry… or thirsty. Read More

You Should Know Her: Kát Rudu

Celebrity skin care expert Kát Rudu knew the beauty industry was her calling since early childhood. Always in awe of her mother’s beauty and fascinated by her daily regimen, she remembers the first moment she saw her mother use a fresh aloe leaf as eye gel. It was then she knew that she wanted to find ways to work with products that help women look and feel their most beautiful. Read More

You Should Know Her: Tamika D. Mallory

Tamika D. Mallory is an esteemed social justice leader, advocate, activist and mother. This fiery, outspoken organizer has remained a consistent fixture in the civil rights movement for nearly 20 years, gaining recognition as one of four co-chairs for the Women’s March on Washington. Read More

You Should Know Her: Chiara Mazzucco

You should know Empowered Mindset Coach and author Chiara Mazzucco who helps women find and connect with their inner strength to build the life of their dreams. Right now, she’s heavily focused on helping women monetize their stories and start their service based side hustles. Find out the piece of advice she’d give women dealing with fear today. Read More