Why Brands Must Take Ownership
of their Digital Real Estate

Can you access your audience if your social platforms implode? Yesterday, Facebook, FB Messenger, Instagram and Whats App went down, leaving millions of content creators and influencers without access to their largest audiences. Too many people – and brands – are relying heavily on social platforms without leading their customers down a path that they own. Read More

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong
on Social Media

Bestselling author Neil Gaiman once wrote, “Sometimes, the best way to learn something is by doing it wrong and looking at what you did.” That’s very true. On the other hand, it’s always wonderful when you can avoid “doing it wrong” in the first place. Read More

Is Anybody Home?

Many small business owners make the mistake of “if I build it they will come” with their websites. They erroneously believe that once they go “live” with a brochure-style site, clients will swarm like bees to honey. Unfortunately, a static, “look-at-me” site that doesn’t offer any level of engagement or enticement will fall flat in Read More

Take Control of Your Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest fears clients share is that participating in social media will be a huge time suck for them. Many have signed up for a Twitter account or a Facebook page, only to desert them after a few well-intentioned weeks of scattered and sporadic posting. Well my friends, there is an easier way. Read More

Have You Checked Your Online Reputation Lately?

We live in a hyper-connected, tech-savvy world where information flows freely online. Everything – blog posts, status updates, photos, thoughts etc. – becomes our “Personal Brand Footprint” to the world. Anyone both within and beyond our network can see, review and form an opinion about us. In this new Age of Transparency, social media blurs Read More