4 Steps to Making Genuine Connections

We all want to make good contacts. In business, powerful people may help us reach our goals faster. But nobody likes a user. If you are brusque and pushy or too fawning and insincere, you are more likely to alienate the very people you want to connect with. In other words, don’t think of people Read More

Top Ten Takeaways From SHINE 2010

From the amazing networking, to the main stage and breakout sessions, there were many excellent nuggets of wisdom to be had at Ali Brown’s SHINE 2010. Here were the ten that most stood out to me: 1. Decide why you are in business. In other words, what’s your WHY? Is it money, lifestyle, fame, giving Read More

Harness Word Of Mouse Power

For many years the traditional methods for building a brand and getting the word out about your products or services consisted of spending a lot of money on advertising campaigns and  even more on a public relations firm to pitch the media on your behalf and hope for the best. Well my friend, the rules Read More

Dig A Well Before You’re Thirsty

Harvey Mackay wrote the book more than a decade ago. I just really like the title. For Harvey, it was all about how to get what you want from the world through networking.  And while I agree that building an active support network is one of the keys to success, it shouldn’t be done at Read More

8 Tips For Connecting Like A Pro

Every person you meet has the potential to become a valuable connection. You also have the power to be of service to everyone you come in contact with. In fact, the more generous you are with your time, knowledge and expertise, the more likely that you will become a master connector. Read More