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Alexa Fischer

"In my work with Liz, the results were immediate. I had a revised website up in a matter of weeks and have started working with many new clients. Working with Liz is an investment that keeps paying."

—Alexa Fischer

Heidi Christianson

"My experience with Liz as my branding expert, marketing strategist, and business coach has been incredible! I was really struggling to define my niche and in our very first session together, it all became totally clear."

—Heidi Christianson

Leila Bulling Towne

"After only a few weeks of working with Liz I experienced success in a very tangible way. Not only have our sessions allowed me to double my business over the previous quarter, but I'm now at the point where I’m developing a waiting list!"

—Leila Bulling Towne

Syndi Craig-Hart

"In a world filled with lots of talk, Liz is all action. She practices what she preaches and is there on the front lines every day helping female entrepreneurs build confident, successful brands."

—Syndi Craig-Hart, Smart Simple Marketing

Laurie Graham

“Thanks to working with Liz over the past couple of years and implementing the marketing strategies she recommended, I have tripled my business and still growing – even during a recession.”

—Laurie Graham, Styled by Laurie

LeeAundra Duchess Keany

“Liz’s marketing savvy and dynamism are only surpassed by her desire to truly help women achieve their professional goals.”

—LeeAundra Duchess Keany

Amy Swift Crosby

"Liz has impressed me over and over again. She delivers Grade A strategy, insight and execution. I wish I had her on retainer for the next 10 years of growing my business!”

—Amy Swift Crosby, SMARTY

Karla Ilarde

"I’ve been in corporate marketing for years and Liz really knows about tapping into one’s brilliant brand."

—Karla Ilarde

May Yeung

“Liz truly has a gift for helping female entrepreneurs get to the core of their personal brand by providing a plethora of ideas, strategies and insights for developing and illuminating it.”

—May Yeung, May Yeung Jewelry

Marley Majcher

“Liz is the perfect combination of consultant and coach – she has more than 20 years of experience in branding and marketing, but she’s also an amazing coach who won’t let you hide from your success.”

—Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess

Anna Graham Hunter

"While Liz has the wealth of expertise to be a guru, she is not the least bit superior or remote. Rather than feeling at all intimidated, I felt like I was spending time with a wise, cool sister."

—Anna Graham Hunter

Marika Ellis

“Since working with Liz, I have tripled the revenue for my new company. I am better equipped to talk about my business with confidence and clarity, communicate my brand value with ease and charge what I’m worth and get it!”

—Marika Ellis, Proficio Coaching

Teresa A. Bruni

"Thanks to Liz I now have extreme clarity, a solid marketing foundation, and a huge sense of confidence on which to build my business. There is no way I could have accomplished all that I did without her."

—Teresa A. Bruni, CPC, ELI-MP

Garcelle Beauvais

"Hiring Liz was the best thing I could have done! Liz is one of the smartest, creative women I know, and I’m constantly impressed by the work she’s doing for thousands of women entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands around the globe."

—Garcelle Beauvais

Melanie Roche

"Thanks to Liz, I’m becoming known as an authority in my field and have expanded my offerings. I hoped that this would be the year I’d break six figures and it’s likely at this point if I merely continue with what I’m already doing, I’ll make $132K."

—Melanie Roche

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