You Should Know Her: Tamika D. Mallory

Tamika D. Mallory is an esteemed social justice leader, advocate, activist and mother. This fiery, outspoken organizer has remained a consistent fixture in the civil rights movement for nearly 20 years, gaining recognition as one of four co-chairs for the Women’s March on Washington. Read More

You Should Know Her: Carmen Perez

Carmen Perez is something of a renaissance woman in modern-day activism. She has dedicated 20 years to advocating for many of today’s important civil rights issues, including mass incarceration, gender equity, violence prevention, racial healing and community policing. Read More

Highlights From the Women’s March
Los Angeles & Next Steps

Saturday January 21, 2017 restored my faith in humanity. 750,000 of us gathered peacefully at the Women’s March Los Angeles, a sister march to the Women’s March on Washington – women, men children, transgender, black, white, Latino, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, gay, straight, native born and immigrant – with millions more around the world. Read More

Please Join Me for the
Women’s March Los Angeles

On Saturday January 21st, hundreds of thousands of women across the country will march for human rights, civil liberties, tolerance of diversity and compassion for our shared humanity. We will stand together in solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities Read More