Why Should I Choose You?

When a potential client asks, “why you?,” do you have an answer? Are you prepared to communicate your unique message about what makes you special and different from everyone else in your industry? Why should someone work with you? A brand is either positive, negative or neutral. If you don’t decide what your own personal Read More

How to Build A Powerful Unique
Selling Proposition

The average person has an attention span of merely 15 seconds. You don’t have a lot of time when someone asks you the inevitable question, “What do you do?”unique selling proposition All Posts In the personal branding process, it’s imperative to have a Uniqueness Statement that establishes rapport and sets you apart from the rest. Read More

Why Build A Powerful Personal Brand?

You are your own 24/7 billboard and interactive ad campaign. Every day, in everything you do, you tell the world about yourself. In fact, you already have a brand – even if you don’t know what it is yet. You express and exude your brand in everything you do – whether you are aware of Read More