What’s Your Brand Personality?

Every beloved brand that you’ve heard of has a distinct personality. Whether it’s an individual, a product or a service, the most successful brands identify the traits and qualities they want to be known for and exude them in everything they do. Read More

How to Become a Client Magnet
in the Next 30 Days

It’s rare to come across a professional today who isn’t concerned with client attraction. In my practice I often find clients focused on the wrong things: talking about themselves too much, reading all the “right” books, creating a “bigger, better” website or building a better widget. In order to attract more clients, you have to Read More

VIDEO: What Is A Personal Brand?

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What Is A Personal Brand?

Nothing seems to inspire more debate or more confusion than the meaning of a personal brand. Having a powerful personal brand is the crucial first step to having an effective marketing strategy and attracting more clients. First, let me share what a personal brand is NOT. It is not your logo, your website or what Read More

Step Away From Your Computer

While you’ve heard me preach time and again that it’s imperative to build your know, like and trust factor online, there’s no denying that one of the most powerful ways to attract more clients and build your business is to engage and connect with others – in person. We must never forget that at the Read More