The #1 Key to Create a More Compelling Brand in 2021 (plus the Ultimate Brand Clarity Worksheet!)

In 2000, Microsoft Corp. conducted a study measuring how long people can focus on one thing for a specific amount of time. The results showed the average person’s attention span was 12 seconds. About 15 years later, it dropped to 8 seconds. In our current, mid-pandemic world with people moving into the digital space faster than ever before, attention is quickly becoming our scarcest resource. How do you capture attention and stand out in an increasingly crowded and noisy space? While there are plenty of effective ways to get the engagement you are looking for, the first place to start is with brand clarity. Read More

Don’t Just Share What You Do. Share WHY.

If you want to create a beloved brand, don’t just share what you do. Share why. To build a brand with a strong and loyal following the key is expressing why you do what you do. This is how you’ll attract clients who believe in what you’re selling and feel a strong emotional connection to your products or services. Read More

A Confused Mind Never Buys

We live in a 24/7 news feed world. We are bombarded daily with mental and physical clutter and constant messages of “more.” But when it comes to inspiring customers to make a purchase, offering “more” is not always better. Read More

How Brands Make an Emotional Connection

In today’s cluttered digital world, the most successful brands are the ones that make an emotional connection with their target audience. They are crystal clear about who they are, what they do best and are pros at eloquently communicating their brand story. In other words, they use clarity, consistency and targeted communication to powerfully connect. Read More

Build Influence with the Three C’s

You have clarity around your brand. You’re confident in your message and have identified your ideal client. Now what? In order to build your online presence and begin to attract more clients, you’ve got to implement the three C’s: connection, content and community. Every single consumer is a publisher, broadcaster, critic and network. Read More