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Build yourself as a thought leader, increase your visibility and grow your audience in this 30-day LIVE masterclass with the PR + brand strategist who has worked with Ralph Lauren, Serena Williams, Kelly Rutherford, Vintner’s Daughter and more.


What is The SheBrand Masterclass?

The SheBrand Masterclass is the only live, interactive training taught by a 25+ year PR pro and brand strategist for women. It will help you build your brand foundation and create and implement a marketing strategy that fits you like a glove and attracts more clients, opportunities, and recognition.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established business, The SheBrand Masterclass live trainings, Q&A’s, and Office Hours with Liz will give you all the tools and support you need to create a compelling brand and fast-track your growth.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world (a few you may have heard of: Ralph Lauren, Harper’s Bazaar, Vintner’s Daughter, Escada, Serena Williams, Garcelle Beauvais, Kelly Rutherford and more!) and hundreds of women entrepreneurs just like you to help them build their brand and grow their impact and influence.

Our clients have been featured in Vogue, Elle, WSJ, NY Times, Oprah Daily, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and many, many more.

What if you had clarity around your brand message, could communicate confidently with potential customers, produce compelling content that grows your audience, and create a powerful brand experience that attracts more ideal clients, consistently?

THIS is what you will learn in The SheBrand Masterclass.

We have created a program that will take you step by step through EXACTLY what you need to do to build a brand that will resonate and connect with your ideal clients.


Here’s what you can expect from this program:


Lay the foundation for your brand strategy first, so your marketing will be much more effective


Get clear about WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY you do it


Identify your superpowers and apply them to your brand


Identify, articulate, and own your brand value


Create authority content that your ideal clients will find valuable


Identify your content pillars and create a year’s worth of content in one session!


Create a valuable opt-in that builds your email list


Develop a smart, simple marketing strategy that actually feels good and meets your potential customers where they are


Learn marketing tools and tactics to optimize your time and your reach


Kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb and use your courage muscle to take daily action, consistently


Learn how to work with the media, pitch yourself effectively and get press placements.


Get live media training to make sure you communicate your message with confidence and power.


But hurry, doors close March 30th and we begin on Tuesday April 2nd.
To be notified when the Masterclass is open again for enrollment:

      The Course Curriculum:

      4 LIVE, in-depth learning sessions followed by Q&A – these will be held on Tuesdays at 12 noon EST/9am PST
      Office Hours with Liz – these will be held on two Fridays at 12 noon EST/9am PST
      Live Group Coaching with Liz
      Discovery Documents, tools, and templates to deepen your learning
      Recordings of each session to watch at your convenience
      Follow-up coaching with Liz after the Masterclass to help you stay on track
      Two BONUS classes with Liz: How to be a Media Darling and get featured in the press, and an exclusive media training session to prep you in advance.

      Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover in each session and you’ll learn during the program:

      Week 1: Build A Brand Foundation


      In the first session of the Masterclass, we’ll lay the groundwork by building a brand foundation. Here, we explore the importance of clarity and authenticity, defining your brand’s WHY and WHO with precision. By the end of this class, you’ll have a clear understanding of your brand’s identity and how to wield it effectively.

      Key Topics:
      • The crucial layer everything is built upon
      • Why clarity around your WHY is non-negotiable
      • Identifying your North Star Metric and Brand Positioning
      • Understanding your ideal audience and actively repelling those who aren’t in it
      • Creating a compelling brand message that resonates

      Week 2: Build Thought Leadership with Authority Content

      Build Thought Leadership with Authority Content

      In this power-packed session, we’re diving deep into the art of authority content. We’ll explore how to position yourself as the undisputed expert in your niche, crafting content that not only captivates but compels. From identifying your content pillars to repurposing your content for maximum impact, you’ll learn how to create compelling content that resonates with your ideal clients, builds credibility and grows your audience.

      Key Topics:
      • Positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your industry
      • Identifying your content pillars and creating a content strategy for an entire year!
      • Repurposing content to maximize reach and impact
      • Creating a valuable opt-in/giveaway that positions your thought leadership and builds your email list
      • Creating an editorial calendar that keeps you focused and consistent

      Week 3: Create Your Marketing Strategy


      It’s time to roll up our sleeves—we’re getting strategic! From owning your media presence to cultivating meaningful connections, we’re crafting a marketing plan that speaks directly to your audience’s hearts. No more chasing trends or following the crowd—this is about owning your narrative and forging your path.

      Key Topics:
      • Moving beyond vanity metrics to meaningful connections
      • Leveraging owned, earned, and collaborative media
      • Crafting a marketing strategy that drives results
      • Cultivating an engaged audience and building trust
      • Setting objectives and key results (OKR’s) to stay on track

      Week 4: Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Take Consistent Action


      Finally, we’ll tackle one of the most common challenges faced by female entrepreneurs—Imposter Syndrome. We’ll unpack the root causes of this insidious foe and arm you with practical strategies. By the end of this class, you’ll have the tools you need to identify the fear and past conditioning that keeps you stuck, so you can confidently move forward with the consistent action necessary to build your brand and your bank account.

      Key Topics:
      • Overcoming self-doubt and self-sabotage and taking courageous action
      • Breaking free from patriarchal conditioning and societal expectations
      • Building your brand despite detractors and naysayers
      • Productivity tools for staying focused and consistent
      But wait, there’s more!
      You will get TWO ADDITIONAL BONUS classes with Liz:

      How to Be a Media Darling

      Learn how to optimize your digital presence to attract more media opportunities, craft the perfect pitch, polish your presentation, and build relationships with writers, editors, producers and more. If you’re tired of feeling like a best kept secret, this class will teach you how to secure publicity that draws national attention to your work and hundreds, thousands – even millions – of eyeballs to your brand.

      Step into the Spotlight Media Training

      Step in front of the camera with ease and share your message with confidence. In this power-packed class with Liz and master media trainer Alexa Fischer, you’ll learn how to tell your remarkable, memorable story and connect with your audience with grace and calm. If fear has ever stopped your from playing big, this class will change everything.


      To be notified when the Masterclass is open again for enrollment:

      Meet Your Instructor: Liz Dennery

      Liz is a Brand Consultant, Creative Director, and the Founder of SheBrand, Inc. A 25+ year public relations and marketing strategist, she has worked with some of the most iconic individuals and brands in the world, including Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Jessica Alba, Ralph Lauren, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Escada, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Vintner’s Daughter, Elyse Walker, The American Cancer Society and many more.

      Liz’s clients have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Town & Country, InStyle, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Oprah Daily, Los Angeles Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Elle Décor to name a few.

      After running her own luxury lifestyle and fashion PR agency for more than a decade and securing millions of dollars in press value and hundreds of millions of impressions for her clients, Liz founded SheBrand in 2010 to specifically support women and the companies that care about them. Through brand strategy and media and influencer campaigns, Liz and her team create compelling brands that make a powerful emotional connection, build steadfast loyalty, and stand out in today’s women-driven economy.

      Recognized for her grace, professionalism, and style, Liz is a member of the Vogue 125, a hand-selected group by Vogue Magazine of 125 influential women decision makers and opinion leaders across the country known for their distinctive taste in fashion, design, and culture. She’s the author of Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand, a guide and workbook for women entrepreneurs who want to build their confidence, their brands, and their bank accounts.

      Liz has been featured:

      The bottom line: if you don’t have a strong brand, your marketing will never work.
      You can’t keep doing more of the same things and expect different results.

      It’s time to get clear, confident, and consistent:

      • No more frustration and struggling with building your brand
      • No more overwhelm and information overload, trying too many systems and techniques and praying that one of them works
      • No more bright shiny object syndrome that leaves you feeling completely scattered
      • No more “deer-in-headlights” look when someone asks you, “What do you do?”
      • No. More. Excuses.
      Hone your message, build your authority and credibility, increase your visibility, and connect and engage with more of your ideal clients, consistently.
      I’m ready to work with Liz!

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      Charter Participant Price


      We believe The SheBrand Masterclass has the power to dramatically uplevel your brand and your business. However, if you aren’t satisfied after the first session, email us before 5pm EST on Monday April 8th to submit your completed Discovery Documents and let us know. We’ll refund you in full. No gimmicks, no questions asked and no “cancellation fees.” Note: Refund eligibility has a firm deadline and applies to payment plans. After April 8, 2024 you will be responsible for all payments.
      Questions? Email us at hello@shebrand.com