If you aren’t already including influencer outreach in your marketing mix, you may be missing out on the number one way in today’s competitive marketplace to increase your media exposure, build name recognition and grow your business. Having a celebrity and influencer clientele gives instant credibility, almost always guarantees media exposure and makes buyers, retail stores and consumers alike sit up and take notice.

We are known for our direct, long-standing celebrity relationships and all of our clients have access to our targeted outreach programs. It takes a special touch and etiquette knowledge to penetrate the increasingly guarded barriers that surround celebrities today. We will guide you in strategically navigating this territory and ensure that your product or service gets into the right hands.

Today’s influencers are bombarded with hundreds of packages and invitations every month, but it is the right relationships and a distinctive, personal touch that open every door. Let our years of experience and extensive connections work for you.

Case Studies: Influencer Outreach