Brand Health Checklist

How healthy is your brand?

It’s Time for a Check-up.

The 50-point Brand Health Checklist will determine how likely you are to connect with your
ideal audience and how effective your engagement is. It will show you your weak spots
and exactly what you need to do to improve your brand health and vitality.

A strong, healthy brand makes more money, has a robust
and loyal following and is better immune to crisis.

A healthy brand always increases your influence and your bottom line.


Brand Health Checklist
Brand Health Checklist - Liz Dennery, Branding for Women

Take an Inventory of Your Brand

In this super-powered 50-point assessment you’ll get acquainted with the 5 C’s: Clarity, Communication, Content, Consistency, and our favorite, Courage.

These are the vital areas you must focus on to build your audience, grow your influence and share your genius with the world. Oh yes, and make more money, too! That’s an inevitable and natural byproduct of laying the groundwork for your brand.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Good, let’s do this. Download the 50-point Brand Health Checklist now. It’s yours, absolutely free. That’s just how we roll.