Why Brands Must Take Ownership
of their Digital Real Estate

Why Brands Must Take Ownership <br>of their Digital Real Estate
Can you access your audience if your social platforms implode? Yesterday, Facebook, FB Messenger, Instagram and Whats App went down, leaving millions of content creators and influencers without access to their largest audiences. Too many people – and brands – are relying heavily on social platforms without leading their customers down a path that they own. Read More

How to Capture Attention
in Today’s Crowded Digital Space

How to Capture Attention <br>in Today’s Crowded Digital Space
Many statisticians and trend forecasters have predicted that we have fast-forwarded in the online space by six to eight years in the last 10 months alone. There is more noise, clutter and uncertainty than ever before and most people will continue to interact, engage and purchase online long after the pandemic is behind us. In the face of such fierce competition based on sheer volume, how do you capture the attention of your prospective customers? How do you make sure that you are seen and heard, and most importantly, that you make an emotional connection with them? In an increasingly crowded online space, there are two questions you must ask yourself before diving into content creation and marketing. Read More

How to Create Your Mission Statement

How to Create Your Mission Statement
You may not realize it, but you often stay loyal to a brand because of their values. And the companies (and individuals) who are the most successful over time are the ones who weave their values into all of their brand elements and create a strong emotional experience for their audience. Read More

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong
on Social Media

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong <br> on Social Media
Bestselling author Neil Gaiman once wrote, “Sometimes, the best way to learn something is by doing it wrong and looking at what you did.” That’s very true. On the other hand, it’s always wonderful when you can avoid “doing it wrong” in the first place. Read More