Your Time, Your Life, Your Vote

You have a voice. Use it.

Women are massively under-represented in the political arena – just take a look at these dismal statistics:

1.  The United States currently ranks 90th in the world in women’s elected representation with countries such as Rwanda (1), Cuba (6), Angola (12) and Spain (15) outranking the U.S.¹

2.  Even though women constituted 54% of voters, the 2008 election cycle was the first in U.S. history in which women lost seats in Congress.¹

3.  In 2011, Women hold only 17% of the seats in Congress.²

4.  The number of women serving in the House of Representatives dropped for the first time since 1979 to 16.8% of the seats.²

5. Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives, bringing an end to Represenative Nancy Pelosi’s historic leadership role as the first woman Speaker of the House.²

6.  Only 22% of all statewide elective executive office positions are currently held by women.²

7.  State Legislatures are only 24% women.²

8.  Only 6 out of 50 states have a female governor.²

9.  Of the 89 women serving in the 112th US Congress, 24 or 27% are women of color. From those, 13 are African American, 7 are Latina, 4 are Asian American and none in Native American.²

10.  Of the 68 women serving in statewide elective executive offices 10, or 14.7% are women of color; meanwhile, make up 4.7% of the 7,382 state legislators.²

As the 2012 Presidential election cycle approaches, women are at a critical juncture. Our rights are in question once again.

You have a voice. Get out there and use it.


Watch a special public-service announcement from Lifetime Television featuring Loretta Devine, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Longoria, Susan Lucci and Cybill Shepherd; as well as Meghan McCain and Condoleezza Rice, encouraging women’s involvement in politics – whether by running for office, speaking their minds or casting a ballot.

Sources: 1. Women in National Parliaments, Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2. Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University

©2012 Liz Dennery Sanders

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