How To Become A Powerful Personal Brand


In order to communicate, express and exude a powerful, confident personal brand, you must be able to answer the following questions (they might seem a little repetitive, but humor me here):

1. How do I make people feel?

2. What three words best describe me?

3. What words would others use to describe me?

4. How do I want to help people?

5. How does someone benefit from working with me?

6. How would I describe my unique gift in one or two sentences?

7. What do I do differently from others in my profession?

8. What are the results someone will achieve from working with me?

9. How do I “WOW” friends, family, clients, and even complete strangers?

10. What imprint or legacy do I want to leave on this planet?

When you have answered these questions and feel excited about your responses, then, and only then, are you ready to put a strategic marketing plan into action.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great exercise. I can’t wait to answer these questions and continue to develop my personal brand.

  2. Greg Metrakos says


    Thanks so much for your very informative and useful “101 Ways to Build a Powerful Brand”. Such an excellent approach to define why Branding is so important and easy to follow “how to” develop a professional marketing theme!!! Glad I found your website!

    Cheers, Greg


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