You Should Know: Toni Hacker

Toni Hacker HHpic Toni Hacker, Kentucky native, has a background in product design and fell into the world of fashion through an unexpected route. She is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of cult-loved handbag and accessories brand Hayden-Harnett (launched with writer/techie husband Benjamin Harnett). She very recently launched Campos, her new locally-sourced collection in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with legendary NYC sample maker, Roy Campos. She and her husband reside in Brooklyn, NY.

Toni Hacker pic Name: Toni Hacker
Occupation: Creative Director & Founder of Hayden-Harnett. Campos Bags.
Twitter Handle: @hayden_harnett @camposbags

1. What are three words that best describe you?
Creative, curious, passionate.

2. Tell us why you’re awesome in two sentences or less.
I am great at manifesting my vision. I am a good problem-solver.

3. What are your three biggest indulgences?
Taking time off. Skincare. Binge-watching amazing movies.

4. What’s currently your favorite…

Restaurant: Saraghina Brooklyn, Five Leaves.
Food: Steamed mussels at Five Leaves, Market Salad at Saraghina.
Cocktail: A good glass of red.
Shopping destination/store: Barneys.
Fashion item: Shoes (luckily, I make bags).
Place to hangout: The park.
City: New York, San Francisco.
Travel item: Our Ibiza Flight Tote and Passport Case.
Beauty product: NARS lipstick.
Skincare product: Dr. Hauschka cleansing milk, Davines Love conditioner, Weleda body oils.
Hostess gift: A beautiful bouquet, a little something from my collections.
Home décor item: Fornasetti or Le Labo candles, vintage educational maps, oversize printed silk pillows to toss around, textural throws, books piled to the ceiling.
Book: The Golden Compass. Savage Beauty. Anything by Alice Munroe.
Website: Dangerous Minds
Magazine: Bullett

5. What’s the ONE thing you absolutely can’t live without?
A GREAT BAG. You can get away with cheap everything else, but the bag must be amazing and well-made.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
It’s 2014…I cannot believe in this day and age that people still spit in the street!!! I see both sexes doing this everywhere in NYC for some reason.

7. If you could have dinner with anyone (living or not) who would it be?
Peggy Guggenheim.

8. What does it mean to you to have a strong, engaging brand and how has having one helped you?
I believe that a strong, engaging brand allows people to prowl your mental landscape…to really see your thought process and to understand the story that you want to tell them each season. A good brand has depth and the energy and passion behind the design is physically palpable when you touch the items that they make. The storytelling is infused into the product and the customer then becomes part of the story.

9. What is your #1 tip for fellow women entrepreneurs?
If you understand what you want and are looking for, then there are thousands of other women out there looking for exactly the same thing. Stay true to your vision and your voice.


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1. Ibiza Convertable Flight Tote
This tote is the best travel companion, whether for work, weekends or vacation.

2. Lavender Relaxing Body Oil
Soothe and calm your skin with the most relaxing body oil.

3. Heat Wave Lipstick
This semi-matte lipstick provides full-bodied, velvety color that will last all day long.

4. Le Labo Candle
These hand-poured, GMO-free and vegan candles are so extroardinary, you’ll feel like you’re living in luxury.

5. Love Conditioner
A creamy, rich treatment moisturizes frizzy and undisciplined hair, leaving your locks looking soft and shiny.

6. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
A book that celebrates the imaginative and provocative designer, Alexander McQueen.

7. Cleansing Milk
This cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup and both calms sensitivity and helps to diminish redness.

8. Long Caftan
Tory Burch does it again with a selection of beautiful caftans that will make even the hottest day more comfortable.


  1. It’s inspiring to see Toni living out her creative dreams. I live in the same small town she grew up in, so her success shows that talent, not geography, determines how far you can go. Go, Toni! Debbie @

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