Ways to Stay Motivated & Be Successful

For entrepreneurs and executives alike, it can be challenging to stay positive, focused and motivated when times are tough. Whether it’s a client behaving badly, the loss of a big account or a dip in the economy, it can be hard to remember why you’re in it for the long haul.

We all need reminders about why we are doing what we are doing. When we see them we recall our own strength, determination and vision. I call these success anchors. When the waves are rough and the boat is in jeopardy of tipping over, we need the anchor to keep us grounded.

There are many ways to reinforce your path to success and stay on track. Here are a few of my favorites:

Create A Vision Board – Find images, words, quotes, etc. that motivate and inspire you and put them up collage-style somewhere that you will see them every day. What do you aspire to? Perhaps you want to be on Oprah or speak to a room of 1000 people. Find pictures of those things and put them on your vision board. Spend just a few minutes a day looking at your board and really get into the “feeling” of it all happening.

Focus On A Special Object – Either find or create a special object that you will keep in a place you see every day. If you have an inspiring quote that you love, put it in a beautiful frame on your desk. I have a smooth black rock that I wrote the word “courage” on to remind me to feel the fear and do it anyway. I also have a bright pink calculator that says “Punch Up Your Profits”. Every time I see it I am reminded that my definition of success is personal fulfillment in helping others AND financial independence.

Join Or Create A Mastermind Group – No one is successful on their own. Every solo entrepreneur needs support from other like-minded individuals and cheerleaders. The greater the numbers, the greater the brain power and creativity. Anywhere from three to ten people is ideal for a mastermind. You will also want to get together at least once a month to discuss challenges, opportunities and progress. It is said that you become the five people you spend the most time with, so make sure you are connecting with positive, enthusiastic, forward-thinkers who want the best for those around them.

Connect With A Mentor
– I have always found it incredibly helpful to connect with women who are a few steps ahead of me in their own businesses. Modeling someone who has achieved something you want for yourself is an excellent way to learn and move forward. Most of the really successful women I know are extremely generous with their time and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

When all else fails, one of the best cures I know for a bad day (or week) at work is an empathetic friend and a really good bottle of Cabernet. Running my own business for the past ten years, I have learned that today’s tragedy can become tomorrow’s triumph. Something that we see as a disaster today can actually make space for something better down the road. We don’t always get to see the full picture, we just have to have faith that things will ultimately work out for the best.

Most importantly, helping someone else to be and feel successful will keep you on the path to your own success. Just take one day at a time and don’t forget the wine.

©Liz Dennery Sanders 2009

Liz Dennery Sanders wants you to build your buzz and be successful beyond your wildest dreams. As the CEO of Dennery Marks Inc., a brand development and celebrity outreach firm, she founded SheBrand, to help female entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners build powerful personal brands with style, attract more clients and position themselves as experts in their industries. You can reach her directly at info@shebrand.com or https://www.shebrand.com.

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