How to Take Up Space
as a Woman Entrepreneur

How to Take Up Space as a Woman Entrepreneur

I’m going to share a frustrating statistic with you, and it’s almost certainly going to make you roll your eyes and sigh. I certainly did.

According to a study conducted by Hewlett-Packard, men will apply for jobs when they’re only meeting 60% of the qualifications, but women will only apply if they meet 100% of them.

Cue eyeroll…

Why does this happen? Why does our culture condition women to feel perpetually less-than and not worthy?

It’s supremely frustrating, right?!

Well, being frustrated doesn’t feel all that great, but honestly, it can be so valuable when we allow ourselves to be frustrated. Because this feeling can activate powerful change.

Change in our own lives.

Change in our businesses.

And change in the world.

So how do we bridge the gap between a frustration with the status quo and genuine CHANGE? How do we learn to step out in confidence and allow ourselves to take up space — to be seen?

Well, my friend, I’m here to tell you how I’ve done it for myself and my own business. And this journey is anything but surface level. So put on your scuba gear — we’re going deep.

Three layers deep, to be exact.

So let’s dive into layer number one, the most important of them all!

1. Somatic work — for your body.

True confidence is cultivated at the somatic level. This means really getting in touch with your body and befriending your nervous system. It means understanding that the energy from past experiences is stored in your body. It also means revisiting the abandoned parts of you that are wounded from these experiences and witnessing them with patience and compassion.

It means learning how to regulate your nervous system — so you’re not operating in fight, flight or shut down mode by default. And it means learning how to maintain ventral energy more consistently.

So how does this body-stuff relate to showing up and growing a more powerful brand? Well, as a woman entrepreneur, it’s essential to take risks. And it’s only when you’re operating from a regulated state that you can feel safe enough to take the risks that are necessary to put yourself out there.

On THIS foundation — and this foundation alone — you can embody the most powerful version of yourself and become a magnet for an audience that aligns with you.

2. Cognitive work — for your brain.

The limited programming in the subconscious mind is responsible for the self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs that hold so many women back. And until we heal these wounds and programming, we’ll continue to be frustrated — usually by a lack of success in one or more areas of our lives. We’ll continue to unconsciously sabotage the things we say we want most.

Cognitive work is how you reprogram your subconscious. It’s how you take control of your thoughts and cultivate your ideal future. Ultimately, it’s how you acknowledge your limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that serve you better — so you can approach your brand feeling truly limitless.

3. Strategy work — for your brand.

Once you’ve worked hard to build a solid foundation using somatic and cognitive work, everything else can truly fall into place. You’ll have clarity like you’ve never had before, and you’ll feel like nothing can stop you. You might still feel the fear, but it no longer paralyzes you.

From that state, you’ll have the confidence to implement an effective brand strategy. And, just so you know, this happens to be my sweet spot. For over 25 years, I’ve been helping businesses grow through branding, marketing, and public relations — and I have a ton of advice for you!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to branding, head over to one of my older posts, The Secret to Building a Better Brand in 2022, Supercharge Your Brand by Crafting a Clear and Compelling Offer, or this one, How to Develop Crystal Clear Messaging and Build Brands That Are as Strong as You Are.

What I’ve learned is that all three of these areas are crucial to your lasting success. Because your brand — your influence — will grow in direct proportion to your willingness to take up space and be seen.

You can’t build a truly sustainable brand without doing the internal work first. THIS is what it takes to step into your power. It’s how you become comfortable enough — and safe enough — to be playing on your edge.

THIS is what grows women’s power — and ensures you will take up space.

The things holding women back simply cannot be healed from a marketing strategy alone. Our body and our brain must be on board, too.

If you’re on this journey of personal growth — I want something more for you. In fact, that’s exactly why I created SEEN, my new program that’s custom-designed for an intimate cohort of supportive women.

SEEN is a powerful blend of somatic, cognitive, and brand strategy work — and it’s accomplished within a safe space with a handful of like-minded women by your side — so you can learn together how to navigate authenticity and visibility with power and grace.

Click here for all of the details about SEEN, which starts on November 1st. And keep in mind… because of the very special nature of this cohort, there are very few seats available!