Are You a Real Influencer?

If you have 1000 friends on Facebook, does that mean you have that many friends in your daily life? Probably not. “Friends” is the social networking site’s savvy way of designating someone you may be aware of, even if you’re only faintly acquainted with that person. The word “friends” is much more pleasant and inclusive Read More

Take Control of Your Brand or Someone Else Will!

In the information age, everyone with an internet connection can make their mark. While this power is awesome, it comes with great responsibility. Everyone is a writer, journalist and critic online. Because of this, it is essential that you take control of your brand and ensure that it has the most appropriate presence online. Everything Read More

Is Personal Branding Getting a Bad Rap?

I’ve recently seen some negative comments about personal branding. Some are cynical about the whole idea behind creating a personal brand. Others are either confused about what it really means or have had a bad experience with a “brand expert.” I’ve heard, “It’s just marketing hype and doesn’t mean anything” or “Personal branding gives people Read More

21 Tips to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget

One of the most common questions I get from friends, clients and strangers alike, is how to build a powerful personal brand with little to no budget. There’s a popular saying that you either have to spend time or money to build your business. When you don’t have the budget, you’ll be putting in more Read More

Take Control of Your Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest fears clients share is that participating in social media will be a huge time suck for them. Many have signed up for a Twitter account or a Facebook page, only to desert them after a few well-intentioned weeks of scattered and sporadic posting. Well my friends, there is an easier way. Read More