SheBrand Superstar: Liz Strauss

Every week we’ll be featuring a smart, savvy female entrepreneur we think is just great. These are women who are out there in the trenches each and every day, making things happen and affecting other people’s lives for the better. So pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of coffee and meet this week’s SheBrand Superstar. We can all learn a golden nugget or two from each other.
Name: Liz Strauss


Occupation: Brand Strategist, Business Video Producer, Founder of SOBCon

Twitter Handle: @LizStrauss
1. What are three words that best describe your personal brand?

Strategic, Intelligent, Authentic

2. Tell us why you’re awesome in two sentences or less?

I finally figured out that when the world revolves around me the universe flies out of balance.

3. What are your three biggest indulgences

1) Watching the sunrise

2) Gazing at the stars

3) Telling stories and listening to them

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who argue for the sake of arguing.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone (living or not) who would it be and why?

My dad, because I only got started learning what he could teach me. He hung the moon.

6. Why is having a powerful personal brand important to you?

To me, a personal brand is a little like that short bio that one friend tells another about you right before you have a chance to meet each other. It’s what lingers after you’ve met. If you’re clear on your brand, which is really your values, you’ll attract people who appreciate your value and not attract those who don’t. Work becomes easier because when people share the same values trust grows.

7. What is your #1 marketing tip for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Choose your customers. Choose them from people who are like you. People who think like you do will always think you’re smart. Then do your best work for the ones who love you best.

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