SheBrand Superstar: Lisa Manyon

Every week we’ll be featuring a smart, savvy female entrepreneur we think is just great. These are women who are out there in the trenches each and every day, making things happen and affecting other people’s lives for the better. So pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of coffee and meet this week’s SheBrand Superstar. We can all learn a golden nugget or two from each other.



Name: Lisa Manyon

Occupation: Professional Copywriter, Marketing Strategist and Press Release Magician



1. What are three words that best describe your personal brand?

Creative. Effective. Fun.

2.  Tell us why you’re awesome in two sentences or less.

I keep it real and get real results for clients. Helping others share their gifts with the world so they can in-turn help more people is a gift , my passion and an honor.

3.  What are your three biggest indulgences?

Coffee. Red wine. Cooking fabulous food.

4.  What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who don’t embrace life and take the time to learn something new every day.

5.  If you could have dinner with anyone (living or not) who would it be and why?

My grandparents (Oma and Opa – German nicknames). I would tell them face to face what an impact they had on my life and how much I miss them.

6.  Why is having a powerful personal brand important to you?

Personal brands carryover into your business brand and if you don’t have the ability to co-brand and infuse your personality into your business, chances are your business will not thrive. People do business with those they know, like and trust. It’s easier to gain trust when you infuse your personal brand into everything you do. This equals more clients, helping more people and of course, making more money.

7.  What is your #1 marketing tip for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Be consistent!!! The biggest reason many female entrepreneurs fail is because they lack big vision and staying power.  Decide what you love and do it. Don’t continually reinvent yourself unless you have a strategy that will make sense to your ideal clients. Trust your gut instinct.


  1. Hi Liz,

    Thanks so much for everything you do to help women be truly confident with their brand and comfortable getting the recognition they deserve.

    You are the superstar!!!

    Write on!~


  2. I have not yet had a chance to work with Lisa, but it is apparent what kind of businesswoman (and person) she is. Her personality shines through in everything she does – and it is apparent she works very hard to be the best she can be.

    What a nice interview – and awesome answers from Lisa.
    We would all be a little more successful if we emulated her gumption and listened to her advise.
    To Lisa!

  3. Cindy,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s important to be of true service and to act with integrity in everything we do.
    Write on!~


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