SheBrand Superstar: Dr. Robyn Silverman

Every week we’ll be featuring a smart, savvy female entrepreneur we think is just great. These are women who are out there in the trenches each and every day, making things happen and affecting other people’s lives for the better. So pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of coffee and meet this week’s SheBrand Superstar. We can all learn a golden nugget or two from each other.

Name: Dr. Robyn Silverman

Occupation: Child/Teen Development Specialist, Parenting Coach, Professional Speaker, Body Image Expert & Author


Twitter: @DrRobyn

1. What are three words that best describe your personal brand?

Asset-based, Powerful, and Educational

2. Tell us why you’re awesome in two sentences or less.

I regard people as assets to be developed, not deficits to be managed.

3. What are your three biggest indulgences?

1)  Chocolate (gooey brownies, a Hershey bar with almonds, chocolate-covered oreos, or Haagen dazs chocolate-chocolate chip, mint chip, or chocolate peanut butter!)

2)  Extra cuddle time with my kids in the middle of the work day

3) A hammock, a great book and current country music on a lazy 80 degree day with beautiful, breath-taking views

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Slackers that complain, provide poor service, and allow careless mistakes to be the norm.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone (living or not) who would it be and why?

My top people are Anne Frank, Katherine Hepburn, Oprah, and my Dad. If I had to pick one right now, I would say my Dad—since he passed away all too quickly in 2006 and I miss him terribly.

6. Why is having a powerful personal brand important to you?

From the outside in, when you have a powerful personal brand you become recognizable in the sea of faces and the cacophony of voices that we see and hear everyday. That means you get your message across to those who need it most and can build a career as a true original. From the inside out, my personal brand allows me to know what to say yes to and what to reject. It keeps me focused on the goals that matter most to me, while allowing me to stay true to my character, instead of simply going after what’s shiny and new.

7. What is your #1 marketing tip for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Don’t live by the rules of “Girl World” that tell you that to be assertive and forthright about your strengths means you’re bitchy or self-serving. Marketing allows you to get your message out to people who need and want it—and to keep what you offer a secret is a disservice to those people!


  1. Blondestitcher says

    What a wonderful profile of a great woman, teacher, and friend! You rock!

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