SheBrand: Superstar: Alexis Jones

Every week we’ll be featuring a smart, savvy female entrepreneur we think is just great. These are women who are out there in the trenches each and every day, making things happen and affecting other people’s lives for the better. So pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of coffee and meet this week’s SheBrand Superstar. We can all learn a golden nugget or two from each other.

Name: Alexis Jones

Website: &

Occupation: Speaker and Founder/CEO of I Am That Girl

Twitter: @iamthatgirl


1. What are three words that best describe your personal brand?

Inspiring, authentic, and relatable.

2. Tell us why you’re awesome in two sentences or less?

If it’s true and you really are judged by the company you keep then I’m awesome because I have the most incredible family and friends any girl could dream of… then again, I’m also awesome because I won the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right!

3. What are your three biggest indulgences?

1) Chocolate chip cookies still hot and gooey from the oven

2) Superhero movies

3) Watching college football with a burger in hand

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rude people in general; but I especially can’t stand to watch entitled/ pretentious people treat any kind of staff (waiters, valet, maids, etc.) poorly, it’s unnerving to me and I always stick up for them. It’s terrible but I was never a big fan of bullies, which kind of makes me a bully to the bullies, I guess! Haha.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone (living or not) who would it be and why?

Amelia Earhart. She was my hero growing up because she was a girl on a mission, pursing her passion at all costs, defied society’s expectations for her (and all women in the 1920’s) and in doing so changed our culture and inspired a generation of women to follow suit. Not to mention, she was a phenomenal pilot, which I think is so hot, and want to be some day!

6. Why is having a powerful personal brand important to you?

It is important to me to have a respected and trusted voice as the spokesperson of my company, I Am That Girl. I also think in today’s world people are too savvy to just buy into something because it has a shiny package, people want to know what and more importantly who they are buying into. A powerful personal brand allows people to really get to know YOU and what YOU stand for; and I believe the most successful companies have an equally successful personal brand attached that personifies their companies vision and values.

7. What is your #1 marketing tip for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Live it, breath it, be it. You have to be authentic to your brand, it’s the most important aspect of your company. People will support, invest, endorse YOU if they think you’re company’s pursuit is sincere and transparent. So create something that personifies YOU!

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