Brand Development


Brand_ Development_SheBrand_EscadaIs your brand message clear and concise? Does your brand personality permeate all aspects of your business? The ultimate success of a company’s marketing program is intrinsically linked to its brand foundation.

At SheBrand, we will spend a substantial amount of time identifying your core values, brand attributes, target clientele and WHY you do what you do. We will evaluate your current brand image, messaging and the best methods to communicate with your target audience.

Through creative, effective strategy and the development of a custom Brand Handbook, we will ensure that your message is synergistically communicated – from collateral and promotional materials to product placement and celebrity outreach, from your web presence to the individuals that answer the phone at your office, you will have a clear, consistent voice, one that will resonate and ultimately garner tremendous brand awareness.

We fully understand that branding differentiates a company from its competitors and has the long term potential to increase sales and market share. Our ability to really get to know and understand our clients and communicate with their target markets, coupled with our outstanding relationships and results-driven culture, allows us to elevate products and services to a “must-have” status with the influencers we reach every day.