How To Get and Use Effective Testimonials

bd293db767327330767641ba9439b5a6 Testimonials are a very powerful piece of your marketing strategy. When written correctly and used effectively, they establish credibility, build trust and turn prospects into clients. Testimonials can be incredibly persuasive and break down the natural barriers of distrust, hesitancy or ambivalence that a prospect may be feeling.

Testimonials also establish believability in your product or service – it’s one thing for you to toot your own horn – it’s another entirely when someone else talks about how wonderful you and your business are, and how they’ve benefitted by working with you. Marketing messages and endorsements coming from a third party are much more likely to get attention than your own attempts at self-promotion.

If there’s only one thing you remember about getting an effective testimonial it’s this: make sure the testimonial reflects the results and benefits the client has gotten from working with you.


That said, here are nine strategies for getting and using effective testimonials:

1.  Ask for the testimonial as soon as the client has achieved a certain level of results from working with you. Don’t wait until a year later. You want the testimonial written when the client is at their happiest and most successful moment. Consider having them write the testimonial while you are still in the “honeymoon” period of your relationship.

2.  Make sure your client focuses on the benefits and results of working with you. Ask her to talk about the struggles she was experiencing prior to working with you and then showcase the results she achieved. Most likely, others reading the testimonial will have experienced similar issues and will be able to relate.

3.  Ask your clients to be very specific in their testimonials. Did they lose 10 lbs. while working with you? Make an extra $15,000 in sales? Start working with three new clients? Have them give the details and how you helped them achieve their objectives.

4.  Offer to send your client bullet points of copy or even to write the entire testimonial for them to approve. This way, you know you’ll get exactly what you want AND in a timely fashion!

5.  Always request a headshot or lifestyle image and a website address to use along with your testimonial. Not only does this add credibility to the testimonial, but it will give your client the added bonus of nice exposure.

6.  Make sure you get permission from your client to use her testimonial in all of your marketing materials – website, direct mail, special reports, press kit etc.

7.  Include your best testimonials on the homepage of your website and sprinkle additional ones on pages throughout the site.

8.  Mix your testimonial mediums – in addition to written ones, you may want to consider using audio and/or video to give potential clients multiple ways to learn about your clients and your work together.

9.  Create a pdf of your best testimonials (10-20) and email to potential clients along with any other information they request regarding your services or products.

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