Why Healing Your Nervous System is
the Key to Growing Your Brand

Why Healing Your Nervous System is the Key to Growing Your Brand

Are you feeling stuck?

Stuck with the same results, no matter how big you dream?

Stuck with habits you can’t seem to break and you know are holding you back?

Stuck with a stagnant business – feeling like you’re always in overwhelm – or overdrive?

Stuck with crippling feelings, like anxiety or depression?

If that’s you, please don’t get down on yourself. The truth is, it’s so easy for women entrepreneurs to get stuck… really stuck.

And it’s not because you don’t have goals!

You see, the adult part of you — the intelligent, dynamic, mature part of you — will desperately want a successful brand. But what happens is, your goal can be easily thwarted by the protective parts of you — the wounded parts from your childhood — masquerading as procrastination, numbing, addiction, anxiety, and depression.

When this predictable cycle happens, you find yourself back in the same place: frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and super deflated.

And to get unstuck, you’ve probably looked online for resources and guidance. But you were likely met with an overwhelming amount of coaches who are, quite frankly, missing the mark…

There are wayyy too many coaches out there who focus on a “change your thoughts, change your life” approach. I believe these coaches are overlooking something crucial. And their “muscle mindset” philosophies alone are incredibly damaging — because they don’t address the inherent trauma that most of us have experienced that still lives in our bodies.

They’re ignoring the importance of healing the nervous system.

The reality is: you can’t think your way out of past trauma. And no amount of external pleasure and self-care advice will heal it either. Don’t get me wrong, girlfriends’ dinners, massages, retreats, and trips to Paris are a whole lot of fun, but they aren’t doing the deeper somatic work necessary to befriend your protective parts that are sabotaging your success.

And when it comes to your business, your brand authority will only expand to the level that your nervous system is healed.

Why is healing your nervous system so necessary?

To make real change in your life and business, your subconscious mind simply must be on board. After all, this part of you is in charge a whopping 95% of the time! And if your subconscious mind is left unchecked, you’ll end up living your life at the mercy of your emotions and likely self-sabotaging the exact results you say you want.

That’s a pretty scary thought, huh?

Because not only does everybody have familial trauma to deal with, but women also have oppressive patriarchal conditioning to overcome. If you think about it, it’s no wonder why women instinctively play small.

You may not even be consciously aware of how all of this affects your life. But I want you to be honest with yourself and do some reflecting…

Do you find yourself:

  • Constantly apologizing?
  • Keeping things to yourself out of fear of speaking up?
  • Feeling afraid to rock the boat?
  • Worried about what other people think?
  • Starting and stopping more projects than you can count?
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of noise and information in the digital space?
  • Underestimating your capabilities?

As a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated world, I would be pretty surprised if most or all of these feelings didn’t resonate with you. But the more you’re willing to learn the tools to regulate your nervous system, the more you’ll be able to break down limiting beliefs like these — and replace them with beliefs that serve you way better.

Grow your brand by healing your nervous system

Healing your nervous system isn’t easy work, and it isn’t quick — but it’s vital for success.

Growing pains aren’t just physical. They’re emotional, too. Anytime you grow — whether it’s in your career or your personal life — you can expect a certain amount of discomfort.

No one says it better than feminist icon, Glennon Doyle… “We can do hard things.”

Doing hard things is a major part of taking up space, refusing to play small, and building your most powerful brand.

When women grow, succeed, and step into their power, the world tends to respond with haters. And women who speak up and refuse to conform are labeled bitches and witches.

So when you choose to no longer swim in the sea of patriarchal conditioning — the one telling you to stay small and accommodating, to look good (but not too good), and to people please — there will certainly be others who try to drag you down.

Because the more visible we are, the more criticism we’re going to receive. So, as you level up, it’s necessary to acquire the tools to bear the criticism — and power on (literally and figuratively!)

You can acquire those tools (and hone them over time) through inner child work, or shadow work. No matter what you call it, it’s essential for healing your nervous system.

And it’s not just a morning meditation or a breathing exercise or two… it’s a deep process that often involves multiple modalities depending on your own nervous system. One where you intentionally — and compassionately — go back to and claim the wounded parts of you that were disowned because it was too painful to stay there.

It’s a process of reparenting, which includes emotional regulation, loving discipline, personal compassion and rediscovering your childlike sense of wonder.

When you acknowledge the protector parts of yourself (who want to keep you from experiencing pain) and revisit the painful experiences of your past, you gain an understanding of your triggers and can acknowledge your most limiting beliefs.

As you encounter those limiting beliefs, you end up replacing them through disconfirming experiences, where you validate and reassure your inner child, “It’s no wonder you felt this way. I’m here now and you’re safe with me.”

With this intentional reprogramming, you’ll empower yourself to take the actions and risks necessary to grow your brand and embody the highest version of yourself — so you can attract an aligned audience and build a more powerful brand — from a state of unwavering confidence.

So if you don’t want to get so triggered when an entitled white man tells you to smile more…

Or if you want to learn how to stay grounded and not internalize unworthiness…

Or if you want to uncover genuine courage in yourself so you can use your voice without feeling small…

Of if you’re ready to take more risks (in spite of the fear) and play bigger in the game of life…

… then this inner work is necessary.

What steps can you take to heal your nervous system?

Don’t let the limited programming of your subconscious mind perpetuate the same self-sabotage and imposter syndrome that affects so many women.

It’s time to heal the wounds and release yourself from repetitive cycles and frustration. And it’s only by calming and befriending your nervous system and questioning your thoughts that you can heal yourself enough to truly be seen.

If you’re ready to take on this important challenge and do what it takes to effectively grow your influence, I designed a program just for you!

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