Come Be Brilliant: Join Me at the OPEN BOOKS Event with Danielle LaPorte, Linda Sivertsen & Justine Musk

image001 As an entrepreneur and creative, I crave brain power. Not just my own, but that of other smart, conscious, kick-ass human beings. I have always put myself in situations where I can learn – and even absorb a little magic juju – from teachers, mentors, friends and even strangers.

The most successful entrepreneurs are always seeking – and connecting with – the right teachers. If you want to change your life, change the people who influence you.

Oftentimes, the magic happens when you mine other people’s brains for that one insight, resource or creative spark that puts the missing piece of the puzzle into place.

If you’re looking for a potent mix of ideas, strategy, next steps or even a focused plan to move you into action, combined with an enterprising community of women, then you’ll want to join me for this biz-altering event.

On Thursday November 6th in Los Angeles, authors, entrepreneurs and publishing insiders, Danielle LaPorte, Linda Sivertsen and Justine Musk will come together to create the conditions for brilliance and innovation to flourish.

They are hosting OPEN BOOKS, an exclusive, creative-business building experience for writers, aspiring authors and other artful entrepreneurs.

And trust me when I tell you that the combined brain power of these three women will probably rock your world in the best way possible.

When I emailed Justine to tell her how excited I was about the event and wanted to share it with the SheBrand audience, she wrote, “We create ourselves and our lives through the stories we tell — as well as the stories we inspire others to tell about us. I think the event is going to be one hell of a great conversation, baked in this intriguing mix of perspective and experience that the three of us offer…It just takes one creative insight, one new way of hooking familiar elements together, to change everything (like when J.K. Rowling dreamed up a boy wizard, or DVF flashed on the wrap dress, or Sara Blakely cut the feet off a pair of pantyhose.)”

Danielle, Linda and Justine will be sharing their stories and breaking down their systems for success. Here are just a few of the topics that will most likely be covered at OPEN BOOKS:

➢ Self-publishing vs. traditional
➢ Writing a bestseller
➢ Agent vs. no agent
➢ Blogging
➢ Social media empire building
➢ How to get media hits
➢ Editor wrangling
➢ Magazine writing
➢ The nuts and bolts of website creation
➢ Building happy web traffic
➢ Hiring your dream team
➢ Speaking gigs
➢ Dealing with writer’s block
➢ Building your list
➢ The future of publishing
➢ Courage
➢ Impromptu downloads of magical insights

Plus, knowing Danielle, Justine and Linda, a whole lot more mischief and magic.

I wouldn’t miss it, so I hope you’ll join me in LA on Thursday November 6th at General Assembly in Santa Monica for some full-throttle brain power.

To find out more about OPEN BOOKS and register for this full day event, click here.

And you can learn more about Danielle, Linda and Justine at their individual websites:

Danielle LaPorte: http://
Linda Sivertsen:
Justine Musk:



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