What Brands Need to Know
about Marketing to Women

There’s never been a more influential time to be a woman, and the world is watching. The 2018 election was an excellent example, as more women were elected to Congress than ever before. Women make up 51% of the population, and over 85% of purchasing decisions, yet many brands continue to underestimate the amount of power and influence that women hold when it comes to the world of commerce. As we transition into 2020, the next decade will be monumental for women. Brands can sit with us, but they better think about what it is they’ll bring to our table before they do. Read More

Women Leading the Conversation: The Series

I recently launched a curated series of talks, Women Leading the Conversation, that will focus on some of today’s most fascinating female changemakers, trailblazers and rule breakers. These are women who aren’t afraid to speak out, challenge the status quo and break all kinds of glass ceilings. They are the ones who are creating today’s most interesting and provocative conversations, and I want to share them with you. Read More

Work with Me in 2019
and Step into the Spotlight

If you want a whole new level of brand awareness and visibility in 2019 and the tools to propel you forward, this program is not to be missed. Step into the spotlight with me and a small group of women working for their seat at the table. No. More. Hiding. Read More

Neutral Women Do Not
Change the Tide of History

My good friend, Susan Hyatt, wrote something on her Instagram feed last week that resonated deeply with me. She said, “Neutral women do not change the tide of history. I have no interest in being neutral.” I, too, have no interest in being neutral. Political apathy is dangerous, and plenty of politicians are counting on your apathy in this midterm election tomorrow. WE cannot be apathetic. Read More

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even – and VOTE!

Getting angry is fine (I’d be surprised if you weren’t angry), but it’s how you channel that anger and frustration that matters. There’s only one way to stop the downward spiral we currently find ourselves in and course correct our current direction. Every single one of us must VOTE. Read More