AUDIO: How To Attract Your Ideal Clients

Successful brands reflect the authenticity and confidence of their creators. How you position yourself and connect with your target audience will determine your altitude. Successful personal branding is more than a logo or a fancy website – it’s the powerful emotional connection you make and the value you deliver to your target market.

Before you can attract your ideal clients, you have to be very clear about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s the difference between wild, abundant success and hitting a speed bump, getting frustrated and ultimately fizzling out. It’s the difference between clients lining up to work with you and not being able to pay the bills each month. Those who put the secret to work for their brand and their business, never have to worry about where their next client is coming from.

I was the featured guest speaker on Sydni Craig Hart’s Smart Simple Marketing call last month. Listen in as I share:

  • WHAT exactly is a personal brand and WHY it’s the key to your success
  • WHY brand clarity means more clients, more money and more freedom
  • HOW to identify your brand attributes
  • HOW to communicate more persuasively with your target market
  • The #1 thing you MUST to do in order to charge more for your services
  • Three secrets for developing your compelling message
  • How to create a rich brand experience for your clients

Click here to listen to this audio recording now.


© Liz Dennery Sanders 2010


  1. I love how you clarify things Liz!
    Once we get clear on our ‘Brand Attributes’ it helps simplify the marketing process so much.

    Thank you for the thought provoking questions, exercises and thoughts to make the marketing and branding process easy and fun!

    • Liz Dennery Sanders says

      Thanks so much Laura! I’m so glad you enjoyed the call. Once we create our Brand Filter (the two or three attributes that BEST represent who we are and what we are doing in the world), it’s so much easier to make decisions regarding your brand.


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